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Published on Apr 02, 2024

Top 10 Chemistry Projects Experiments

Explore Top 10 Chemistry Projects Experiments, Chemistry Projects, Organic Science Fair Projects, Expo Models CBSE ISC High School, MSC and College Students for the year 2019.

The Visible Spectra of Soda Pops
Nano-Gold For Cancer Therapy
Invisible Sunblock
Using Zeolites as a Fertilizer
The Synthesis of Aspirin
Finding EMF of Electrochemical Cell
That's Some Smart Metal
Investigatory Project on Fertilizers
Sterilization of Water by using Bleaching Powder
Green Chemistry: Bio-Diesel and Bio-Petrol
Rate of Evaporation of Different Liquids
Effect of Potassium Bisulphite as a Food Preservative
Lemon Ices
Red Cabbage pH paper
DNAs Secret Code
Amorphous Solids
Nanoparticle Stained Glass
Sweet Self-Assembly
Growing Crystals
Reversible Sunglasses
Antibacterial Silver
Liquid Metals
Stain Resistant Fabric
Rate of Fermentation of Wheat Flour
To Determine Ignition Property of Potassium Nitrate
Setting Of Mixture of Cement with Sand, Time and Fly Ash
To Prepare Pigments And Poster Paints
Surface Chemistry Colloidal Solutions
Formation Of Biodiesel
Chocolate Analysis
Electrochemical Cell
Alka-Seltzer Rocket Race
What Keeps The Baby Dry
Slicing Ice
Invisible Ink : Modeling A Molecular Switch
Absorbing Ammonia
Effect of Acid Rain on Limestone Rock
Amount of Casein in Milk
Chemistry in Black and White Photography
The Determination of the Amount of Phosphate in a Detergent
Paper Chromatography
Popcorn Towers
Vitamin C in Fruit Juices
Cake Science
Modeling Zeolites
Investigating the Strength of Paper
Microscope Activity
The Neutralizing Ability of Antacid Tablets
Electrolyte Turns On the Solar Cell
Analysis Of Vegetables And Fruit Juices
Comparing Lactose Percentage between Whole Milk and Powdered Milk
Comparison of the Citric Acid Concentration
Determine the Quantity of Casein in Milk
Dyeing of Wool, Silk and Cotton in Malachite Green
Effect Of Sodium Carbonate On Foaming Capacity Of A Soap
Effects of Dye on Different Types of Fabric
Environmental Pollution
Discoveries In The Field Of Chemistry
Which of the Plant Material Used
Which Road Deicer Corrodes Steel the Most?
Extraction of Nicotine Sulphate from Samples of Cigarettes
Fuel Go Boom
Get More Hydrogen from Your Water
Investigation Of Foaming Capacity Of Different Washing Soap
Measuring Solubility
Measuring the Amount of Acetic Acid In Vinegar
Mohr's salt
Acid vs. Teeth
Why Are the Apples Brown
Percentage Purity Of Iron Wire
Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
Preparation Of Cuprammonium Rayon Threads
Preparation of Ink
Preparation Of Soyabean Milk
Preparation of Toilet Soaps
Removal of Alcohol from the Body through Esterification
Study of Constituents of an Alloy
Study of Content of Ascorbic Acid in Citrus Fruits
Study of Diffusion of Solids in Liquids
To Analyze a Sample of Brass Qualitatively
To Compare The Rate Of Fermentation
To Prepare a Smoke Bomb
To Compare The Rate Of Evaporisation Of Water
To Check The Ions Present In The Toothpaste
To Study the Digestion of Starch by Salivary Amylase
To Study the Effect of Metal Coupling on the Rate of Corrosions
To Study the Presence of Insecticides and Pesticides in Various Fruits and Vegetables
To Study the Presence of Oxalate Ion In Guava Fruit
Variation of Conductance with Temperature in Electrolytes
Water Concentration and Texture
Acidity In Tea
Aldol Condensation
Analysis Of Honey
Content of Cold Drinks Available in the Market
Determination Of Caffeine In Tea Samples
Determination of Contents of Tooth Powder
Electrical Cleavage of Mineral Ore
Effects of Heat on Vitamin C in Tomatoes
Effects of Voltage and Concentration
Effect of Temperature on the Decay of Ascorbic Acid
Destruction of Natural Pigments by the Interaction of UV Light and Oxygen
Correlation Between Conductivity and Corrosion
Color Me Blue
Chemical Analysis of Authentic and Artificial Red Coral
Catalytic Decomposition
Boiling Hot
An Ionic Inquiry Yields Saline Solutions
Analysis of Water for Mercury using Light
Which Grease Is Good for You?
What Would You Like to Drink? Well Water
What Voltage Is Needed for Steel to be Protected
Use of Exothermic Reactions
The Formation of Frosty Diamond Crystals
The Effect of Curcumin on Metal Ions
Synthesis of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires
Synthesis and Decomposition of Aspirin
Synthesis and Characterization of a Self-Healing Polymer
Substituted Carbamate for Imaging Acetylcholinesterase
Sandy Beaches: Pleasure or Pollutant
The Future is Now Pee-ure Water
Optimal Temperature for the Decomposition
Measurement of Diffusion Coefficient in Liquids
Luminescent Silole Nanoparticles for Chromium (VI) Detection
Ionic Equilibria Control by Hydrophilic Micellar Sequestration
Innovative Method to Reduce VAT Dyes Electrolytically
Hydrogen Production
Hydrofoam: Changing the Way the World is Powered
How Can Freezing Make Something Warmer
Hess' Law and Thermochemistry
Glucose Monitoring in Porous Silicon
Freezer Fun
Formation and Characterization of Floating Self-Assembling Super-hydrophobic Nano-particle Membranes
Fingerprinting the Crime Scene Investigation
Evaluation of Drinking Water from Various Sources
Enhanced Color Thin-Layer Chromatography