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Published on Apr 02, 2024


To find the Water Concentration and Texture. The main objective for this activity is to study the effect of concentration, weight and temperature of solution towards its density. The activity was handled by preparing the solution first which are sugar palm solution, evaporated milk, ice cubes and tea water. The three layers of solution will formed then and the concept of water density is applied. Instead of attractive in the term of texture, this water also good with its taste.


Concentration is the amount of substance present in a given quantity of another substance. Density is defined as mass per unit volume of a substance. Generally, the density of an object is the total mass of the object divided by the total volume of the object. This object is generally a solid or liquid. Thus, density and concentration are related terms dealing with concentration in general. Concentration deals with small particle while density is concerned with the mass. Thus, concentration is directly proportional to density for elemental substances but not in general. Higher concentration means more mass of solute in the solution. Since solutes overall add negligible increase in volume to the solution, density increases.
So, higher concentration thus higher density


• Soak Sabah tea leaves into a hot water cup. Leave it aside for 15 min.

• Pour Palm Syrup

• Put iced cube up to the brim.

• Pour in Evaporated Filled Milk.

• Gently pour in Sabah tea prepared earlier. The tea should remain above the layer of Evaporated Filled Milk. A 3 Layer of separation will appear.

• Serve chilled


We are able to get a complete of solution with three layers. At first, it is quite difficult to obtain three layers. We were only able to get for 2 layers only when we add 2 ice cubes but after we add more ice cubes, we managed to get three layers.


The most important concept applied within the three layers tea is density of solution. Basically, some liquids can not be mixed, so they separate based on their density. Density is the mass per unit of volume, or the mass divided by the volume. It's sort of like how tightly packed the particles are in one substance . For example, when we add tea water, ice cubes will float instead of sink through the tea water. This is due to ice cubes is less dense than water. The empty spaces within the ice structure translates to an expanded structure. Thus, ice takes up more volume than the liquid water molecules. However, for more denser liquid which is evaporated milk will be below the ice cubes and tea water. Settled at the bottom is the palm sugar solution which has the highest density due to highest concentration. But how concentration relate with density?

Higher concentration means more mass of solute in the solution. And since solutes overall add negligible increase in volume to the solution, density increases. As we know some water has been removed from the evaporated milk and sugar has been added. This increase the total mass of solute within the solution. The same thing goes to palm sugar. When we heat up the solid pal sugar it will melt and form a very viscous solution. The total mass of solute in the solution is the highest as we add only a small amount of water before we melt it. So, this make the palm sugar solution has the highest concentration.

We has added ice cube to make the water colder and feel good to drink but the main reason for adding water is to reduce the temperature of solution. We added ice cubes before we add the evaporated milk. Density of tea water and evaporated milk is almost similar which has only a slight differences. So this might cause the two solution miscible. So as to increase the density of evaporated milk, mixed it up with iced cubes. The molecules of the evaporated milk are packed more closely together and making its density increase. Meanwhile, the tea solution that we add later has higher temperature where the molecules will move away from each other and resulting lower in density.


After doing this activity we found that the density play the most important role in maintaining the position of liquid within the three layers tea. Some factors that affect density are temperature and concentration. Lastly, the higher the density of liquid, the more it will sink below and otherwise