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Engineering Projects

Android Projects for CSE

Customer Complaint Report Software
Battery Optimizer for Android Mobile Devices
Automatic Alert Alarming For Security Systems
Automated Parking System using RFID Technology
Access My PC
Android Application for Call Taxi
Advanced 3D Maps for Personal Digital Assistant
Accessing a Network Using Secure Mobile Communications
Aadhaar Plus
3D Graphics Library for Mobile Applications
Gesture Recognition System using Privacy
Smart Card Reader Using Mifare Technology
Screen Shot Grabber
Motion Detection and Instant Alerter
Mobile Recharging With Banking Transaction Using SMS
Load Shedding In Mobile Systems Using Mobiqual
Java Based Fire Alarm System
Face Detection Using Template Matching
Enhanced Search Engine
Dynamic Signature Verification Using Pattern Recognition
Email Flyer
Distributed Load Sharing In Mobile Environment
Disease Identification using WBC Count
Database Synchronization
Data Mining For Credit Card Application Processing
Data Leakage Detection
Content Base Mail Classification
Channel Diversity in Wireless Mesh Network
Blog Mining and Emotion Argumentation
Biometric Authentication System Using the Human Ear
Implementation of OSPF on IPV6
Accelerating Ranking System Using Webgraph
Secure Group Communication
Low Cost Wireless Internet
Comparison & Simulation of Different Queuing Models
Employee Tracking System
Empirical Model of HTTP Network Traffic
Crypto Acceleration Using Asynchronous FPGAs
Ant Colony Optimization Technique For Manets
Image Steganography
J3ME and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Based Full Duplex Automation System
DEMOS Online Quiz
Query Processing in Global Information Systems
A Conceptual Graph Approach to Support Multiperspective Development Environments
Congestion control in ATM-based Broadband ISDNs
Collaboration Server
Web based Applications for Insurance Services
Virtual Class Rooms
Audio Manager
Electronic Mail Server
Bluetooth Home Automation
Chat Server
Virtual Shopping
Threshold-Multisignature in Distributed System
UA Portal
Survey Logics
Mingle Box
Telephone Billing System
Vehicle Management System
Universal Web Based File Coordinator
Value card - Smart card based Loyalty
Web Enabled Interactive, Dynamic And Authenticated Work Order System
Student Attendance Management System
Training & Placement Cell Management
Trade Service Engine
Online Bus Reservation
Implementation Of a Mini Search Engine
Implementation of Security in WAN
Securable Network in Three-Party Protocols
Web Mining
Security System For DNS Using Cryptography
Student Information System
Generic SQL Explorer
E-Mail Campaign System
Log Reader Based Code Analyzer
XML Enabled Wrapper Construction
Digital Diary Project
Intruder Detection System Over Abnormal Internet Sequence
Digital System Architecture
ER Diagram Maker
Early Congestion Indication
SMTP Mail Server
Support Vector Machines For Face Recognition
Inventory Management System
Creepy Crawler System
Network Monitoring for Remote Task Executor
GPS Rover
Partial Face Recognition Using Core features Of The Face
Multi-Tasking Sockets
Bank Management System
Hospital Management System
Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus
Computer Troubleshooting Intelligent System
ATM Reporting system
Orkut Java
Insurance Database
Sliding Window Protocol
File Compression
Device Switching Using PC's Parallel Port
Enhancing an Application Server to Support Available Components
Bluetooth Project
Dynamic Flash Interface
Face Recognition in e-attendance
Pro-net Communication
Chat Server and Client Application
An Intelligent Eye
Result Alert System With E-mail and SMS
Railway Route Optimization System
Online Examination System
Face Detection Using Epitomic Analysis
Implementation of Software Management and Maintenance
Portable Media Player
Bug Tracking System
Rich Internet Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
Design And Analysis Of Sense Amplifier
Cold Boot Attack

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