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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The basic interaction of the customer to the vendor is through the Internet. So Internet plays the major role in the e-commerce. Generally in a big organization assigning a work to a Solves this problem.

This WORK ORDER SYSTEM solves this problem effectively. This is an Internet based application, which will be useful for the big organization that wants to complete his work can place this in the official site of the company.

The administrator of the company will view the orders placed by the Customer. He will then analysis the customers order and chooses an appropriate worker for that customer.

The worker of the company should have to register his presence daily by logging daily into the site. Once he has logged in, he will come to know about his work to done. After the end of the day the worker is requested to update the status of his work.

Following is the list of possible challenges

• Identification of the Authorized customer:

As this site based interaction many customers may see the site but only authorized person can place the order. So finding the authorized customer is the foremost problem.

• Identifying the free worker:

The administration has the rights to allocate the work to the worker. So finding the free worker is the key problem work can be allocated based on the time and efficiency.

• Assigning work to the worker:

The worker should not be free so that whenever he finished his work immediate message will be sent to the administrator so that he can submit another work.

• Managing Web-site Structure Information:

The structure of the web site is important information. With the continuous changes in creating and maintaining electronic documents.

Hard ware Specification :

Processor : Intel P- III based system

Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM : 64MB to 256MB

Hard Disk : 2GB to 30GB

Key Board : 104 keys

Software Specification:

Language : JDK 1.5 (JSP, JDBC, Servlets)

Database : SQL Serve, Oracle-10g

Operating System : WindowsNT/95/98/2000

Webserver : Apache Tomcat 5x

GUI Tools : HTML/JavaScript