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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Since computers are playing a critical role in managing the UCF Student Health Center where the majority of the users are Health workers with minimal knowledge of computers the presence of an expert system to troubleshoot simple and complex day-to-day problems can go a long way in oiling the process. The CTIS will also be an able assistant to partially skillful and new employees of the Computer Services department who may not know and cannot be trained to very minute detail.

User Profile

Most of the users would be doctors, nurses, pharmacists and Health care workers. But a significant number of others like the Business office staff, the accounting staff, the cashiers, appointments staff and others would also be active participants in the system.

Project Goals

The CTIS intends to replicate the knowledge of the experts Mr.Leon Stanley and his colleague Mr. Jim Kotlaba, who have been a part of the Computer Services department for a long time. We intend to extract their knowledge and also provide a way for future growth of the system.

Hardware Constraints

Sometimes the problem could be with the computer itself and hence the user may not be able to reach the CTIS. Under such cases the inability to reach CTIS is a constraint posed by the situation, hence the assumption is that the user has a minimum hardware capability to reach the CTIS.

Speed of Execution

The execution will depend on the server's capability to handle the database, since the Health Center is pretty well equipped one can expect it to be fast enough for the user to be unaware of the processing time.


There is a database maintenance part, which can weigh on the institution, but from our interaction with the Computer Services personnel, they seem to think the task would put a minimal stress on them.


The system may not be 100% reliable since it uses heuristic to get to the answers, but the user can place his trust on the system for consistent answers, which in the longer run would make it a reliable system.


The users cannot not change the system data, the privilege will be held by the administrators of the system. The Health Center already ahs a Security policy in place, which makes the situation far less volatile.