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Published on Nov 30, 2023


There are many items in a departmental store, which are sold to customer and purchased from supplier. An order is placed by the customer-required details, which are listed below:
�� Item name
�� Quantity
�� Delivery time

The order processing executes, look up the stock of each item is available or not then order fulfilled by the management of departmental store. The system periodically checks the stock of each item if it is found below the reorder level then purchase order placed to the supplier for that item, if the supplier is not able to supply whole order then rest of quantity supplied by the another supplier.

After fulfilled the formalities, bill generated by the system and sent to the customer. Item details maintained by the management this whole process is being done manually. The work area is to automate the above process or to generate a more efficient system.


It contains information about item like item name, minimum quantity in stock, maximum quantity, and reorder status etc.

A. Item code: - It represents the code to identify an item. It helps to search the item in the stock according to requirement.

B. Item name: - This field shows the name of item.

C. Minimum quantity in stock: - This field helps to know the min-qty in stock.

D. Max quantity: - This field shows max quantity in stock.

E. Reorder status: - This field shows reorder status when quantity goes below to minimum quantity in stock

Purchase order table

This table contains the information about the purchase order like vender code, order code, supplier name, supplier address, order date, item code, item name, quantity, deliver time etc.

Vender code: - This field determine the code of vender.

Order code :-It determines the code of the order that has been ordered by the customer.

Supplier address: - This field helps to know the address of the supplier.

Order date: - This field shows the date of the order.

Item code: - It determines the code of the item.

Item name: - It contains the name of the item.

Quantity: - It specifies the quantity of the order.

Delivery time: - It shows the time of the deliver