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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Wifi hotspots are very common now days. Laptops and PDAs use these hotspots to access the internet as these devices have Wifi facility built into it. But mobile phones do not have Wifi facility in them. Nokia is releasing some models with Wifi, but still those models are costly. But lower end models also come with Bluetooth now. So its a better idea to create a Bluetooth hotspot where Bluetooth mobiles can access the internet.

With this technology mobile phones need not have a GPRS connection or even a SIM card in it to access the internet. This project has two parts. A client application and a server application. The server application runs in a normal PC with Bluetooth dongle.

This PC acts as the gateway to the internet for the mobile. The mobile will host the client application which will connect to the server application in a hotspot environment and provide the mobile with internet access.


Here we are using Bluetooth enabled Smart phone supporting windows application .This Smart phone incorporates a device discoverer which lists all the nearby Bluetooth enabled devices, out of which we can select any of the device to which the key depression data is to be transmitted.

At the client side with the help of a newly defined protocol we generate the text message to be sent the application program in this side converts the text message to the corresponding ASCII codes. The ASCII codes are given to the Bluetooth of the mobile which converts into the Bluetooth frequency signal.

The ASCII code from the client side to the server side is transmitted by means of Bluetooth .At the server side we implement Bluetooth on system by means of a device called a Dongle, which is inserted to a USB port.

This dongle contains a firmware (embedded software) which accepts the Bluetooth signal send to the system. And converts this signal to the USB data format. Through the universal serial bus (USB) which is accepted by the firmware of the dongle is passed to the system.

In this system we generate application software which gets data from USB port as input. In application software we implement a Parser which works according to the defined protocol and parses the incoming data and identify the corresponding command function of the ASCII code received. This application software executes the command in order to perform the specific operation.