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Published on Nov 30, 2023


We have developed Digital Diary application to makes ease the work of users by this computerised software. By this application a user can store contact details, retrieve contact details, set reminder for important meetings of works and make dead line notes on single platform.

Thus the user can manage his contacts and daily working schedules through this application. This application avoids user to make manual contact diaries to store the contact address. A user who is working on system can set reminder for the important work while doing some another work. Reminde r will remind him about that work.

He can also set reminder message which will tell him what to do at which time by s tealing his attention. Through dead line note book a user can set the start date, start date message, end date and end date message for any project.

This will remind him about a project that he had started on which date and when to submit that project. On the whole this application will make a user punctual. The dead line note book will show current date dead line notes through red colour as a warning. So, this application is convenient platform for a user to manage, contacts, daily work schedules and to enhance the punctuality of the user.

This the product which can used as only for personal use. User uses it in their laptop and desktops. It isshort and precise application.

The Overall Description

It includes general factors that affect the product design and implementation in Digital Diary requirementsand necessary features. Digital Diary requirements and specifications will be the main factor determiningthe design of the components since this is a single user product.


All component interfaces will be GUI interfaces.Logical Characteristics:

(1) View Status

(a) View list of contact persons at once or differently(b) Can display all the upcoming appointments through reminders(c) Can display all the start and end dates of the projects to be accomplished

(2) Change Status

(a) Options for changing a person¶s information(b) Interface is easy to find person in list(c) Options to edit reminder- time, date, message and date, message for the coming projects.