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Published on Nov 30, 2023


To provide a media player interface on Bluetooth enabled mobile device. In this module there will be a media player to play songs on a desktop and its instance interface on mobile device from where we can control playback remotely.

Streaming with above media player. Streaming of any song will be done by media player when it gets a request from its counterpart player on mobile device to do so. With this a person can listen to any song from media player library by streaming done with Bluetooth protocol .

Aim :

1. To learn interaction between a desktop and a Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

2. To provide a virtual command prompt on mobile device to perform various tasks remotely.

3. To provide new user experience for music freaks so that they can take advantage of their giant music library (that’s on PC) from anywhere within range of class B Bluetooth (30 feet).

4. To learn about all the technical restrictions that a developer can face while learning mobile development using JAVA.

Recently, MP3 become popular in this generation. Most of the software companies develop so many types of player which support MP3 file (e.g. Winamp, Window Media Player, Real, RealOne, etc). But there is not all of the software which are suitable for all different users.

Pomp is basically a facility for music lovers to control playback of mp3 player right from there Bluetooth enabled phone. Without a phone , it can work as a standalone mp3-player on system. This mp3 player has inbuilt ID3 tag editor.

To achieve this we have chosen java as the implementing language because java is platform independent so what will get can be run on any platform.following java’s “Write once run everywhere” title.

Benefits of the system

1. Fast standalone mp3 player.
2. Save user time controlling playback from their mobile doing anything else.
3. Facility to save play-list files.
4. ID3 tag editor to edit mp3 metadata.
5. Made in java, hence is extensible, platform independent, robust.


The main purpose of POMP is to produce an audio (MP3) player that can be suitable for different level user. The goals of POMP are:
�� Provide a platform to play audio (MP3) file
�� Provide different interfaces for different level users
�� Support playlist (M3U) file
�� Provide playlist management

General Requirements

The following general requirements were laid out for our project named POMP:
• The player can play audio (MP3) file 7
• The player can provide some necessary function of playing audio
(MP3) file, such as previous, next, random, repeat etc.
• Users can choose their interface for their level
• Users can add new songs to the playlist or manage their playlist
• All user’s data and playlists could be stored electronically