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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The Domain "File Compression" lets you reduce the overall number of bits and bytes in a file so it can be transmitted faster over slower Internet connections, or take up less space on a disk. Domain File compression is a System Based Software. The software will be done using Core Java. It can use in the System as a utility. The type of compression we will use here is called lossless compression .

The user need not depend on third party software's like winzip, winrar, Stuff etc. the software can be used to compress files and they can be decompressed when the need arises. For implementing this Software we want to use algorithms

The main algorithms are: Huffman algorithm

The Domain File Compression mainly include 7 modules

• Compress A File Or Folder

• De-Compress the file or folder

• View files in the compressed file

• Facility to set icon

• Facility to set your own extension

Compress file or folder

This module helps us to compress a file or folder. The compressed file will have a extension that has been given at the development time. We can send the compressed file over the internet so that users having this software can decompress it.

Decompress a file or folder

This is the reverse process of file compression. Here we can decompress the compressed file and get the original file.

View files in the compressed file

Here we can view the list of files inside our compressed file. We can view the files before decompressing and decide to decompress or not.

Set icon and extension

This is additional feature in our project. We can set our own extension to the compressed file. More than that we can specify the style of icon for the compressed file. Users will also be given a option to change the icon as per their preference.

The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The system provides data accuracy and save disc space. The existing system has several disadvantages and many more difficulties to work well. The proposed system tries to eliminate or reduce these difficulties up to some extent.

The proposed system is file/folder compression or decompression based on the Huffman algorithm and GZip algorithm. The proposed system will help the user to consume time. The proposed system helps the user to work user friendly and he can easily do the file compression process without time lagging .

The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires very low system resources and the system will work in almost all configurations. It has got following features E nsure data accuracy, minimize manual data entry , m inimum time needed for the various processing , g reater efficiency , better s ervice .