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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The package "CHAT SERVER" using JAVA and MS ACCESS aims at developing a new chat server that could be easy for users and which could teach a new user how to involve in fluent chat and get well equipped with Chat server.The main goal of our package is communication. It allows all the registered users to establish good relations with all types of people involved in the internet.

The users can develop their communication skills. It also helps in gathering information's about different peoples. It also helps in understanding the culture of different peoples involved in the Internet

The other attraction of our site is that you could easily change the look and appearance of the site according to the users taste. This package is not restricted to any one any one who has registered as a valid user could access this package and it is absolutely free. Even though the site is very much secured after fulfilling the security criteria one would find it very interesting and easy.

The entire package is developed by JDK 1.3.1, JAVA SWINGS, SOCKETS and MICROSOFT ACCESS for Database users The whole package works in WINDOWS 98 or any platform using client server technology.

Overview of Projects

The project titled "CHAT SERVER" deals with mail communication with peoples involved in the internet searching the site and chatting.The main aim of the project has been to develop web enabled model software to computerize the life style of peoples. our site named "CHAT SERVER" generates environment for communication.
Usually it is a long boring task of waiting in front of the computer searching for users who have entered the server.

Our program Eliminates this It is also seen that certain systems get disconnected from the internet so often, this is also deleted from our site.Moreover we had developed the site keeping in mind of this package getting used by users of any level.

It could be a Computer engineer or a small boy or even one who has freshly learned Internet.By this site it is possible fro the users to communicate with other side of the world. user can make appointment with some professionals, persons and so on. Through the searching option we can search for different matters.