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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Automatic Alert Alarming For Security Systems Project is done for maintaining security in restricted areas. We have introduced some of the techniques that can be professionally used to produced quality in the security .The entire project is presented in a modular form and therefore all the modules can be easily reused for further development as well as for some other applications.

The project contains five modules.

1. Capture

2. Image Capture

3. Motion Detection

4. Security Alert

5. E-Mail

This project deals with accessing the web camera and compares the image from the camera pixel by pixel using motion detection algorithm and stores it in the specified path. This system provides the complete information and the complete implementation of the Live Security Concept. The main aim of the project is to create a system for the effective Security over the intranet that works only with in the Organization.


The objective of this project is to maintain security in restricted areas such as bank lockers. Security is maintained by taking constant photographs using a camera. This photograph is compared with the reference photograph to monitor changes. Comparison is done using motion detection algorithm. Java is used as a front end and MS ACCESS is used as a backend.


Given a number of sequential video frames from the same source the goal is to detect the motion in the aria observed by the source.When there is no motion all the sequential frames have to be similar up to noise influence. In the case when motion is present there is some difference between the frames. For sure, each low-cost system has some aspect of noise influence. And in case of no motion every two sequential frames will not be the identical. This why the system must be smart enough to distinguish between noise and real motion.

When the system is calibrated and stable enough the character of noise is that every pixel value may be slightly different from that in other frame.And in first approximation it is possible to define some noise per pixel threshold parameter (adaptable for any given state) the meaning of which is how the pixel value (of the same oriented pixel in two sequential frames) might differ but actually the indicating value is the same one. More precisely, if the pixel with coordinates (Xa,Ya) in frame A differs from the pixel with coordinates (Xb,Yb) in frame B less than on TPP (threshold per pixel) value so we will see them as pixels with equal values.

And we can write it by formulae:

Pixel(Xa,Ya) equal to Pixel(Xb,Yb) i.f.f { abs(Pixel(Xa,Ya)-Pixel(Xb,Yb)) < TPP }

By adapting the TPP value to current system state we can make the system to be noise-stable. By applying this threshold operation to every pixel pair we may assume that all the preprocessed pixel values are noise-free. The element of noise that is not cancelled will be significantly small relative to other part.

As it was memorized above we have manipulate with different pixels inside two sequential frames to make conclusion about the motion. Firstly, to make the system sensitive enough we have not to fix the TPP value too big. It mean that keeping the sensitivity of the system high in any two frames there will be some little number (TPP related) of different pixels. And in this case we have not to see them as noise. It is the first of the reasons to define a TPF (threshold per frame) value (adaptable for any given state) the meaning of which is how many pixels at least, inside two sequential frames must differ in order to see them as motion. The second reason to deal with TPF is to filter (to drop) small motion.



Automatic Alert Alarming For Security Systems



Our project on Automatic Alert Alarming System will effectively be used for preventing unauthorised persons from entering restricted zones by monitoring them using a Camera. Apart from blocking everyone, separate logins can created for restricted users for entering the restricted areas. Besides the person can be identified by image processing methods. The sensitivity of the system can also be adjusted such that even a slight change will result in an alarm. Thus it provides more security to the banking sectors. Moreover this system can also be used to alert a remote system in a network.

With the help of this facility we can use the camera in restricted area and make the alarm to be raised in some other area such as head office. In addition the system also sends a mail to the concerned admin intimating the theft. We can also identify the thief using the stored pictures. These features will make it distinguishable from other security systems by improving the performance of the system. Hence the system can be efficiently used for verifying signatures to provide authentication and security for all online transactions.