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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Web Mining plays an important role in the e-commerce era. Web mining is the integration of web traffic with other traditional business data like sales automaton system, inventory management, accounting, customer profile database, and e-commerce databases to enable the discovery of business co-relations and trends.

The system basically deals with web configuration on over network, the web divides various domains for hosting and supporting n-number of web against virus, spam and hackers, web manager have to analyze visualization structure of webs for manipulating access details and graph structure for sorting process, when data transfer over network it has to privilege data by encoding and it has to Proactive management support that continually monitors and automatically improves the network topology and configuration in real time based on route efficiency and end-user performance, ensuring the fastest and most reliable network connections.

Following is the list of possible challenges

Identification of the origin of the visitor is required:

To get the more out of the click stream data it is required to characterize the web site visitors, based on their demographics. The customers are to be identified by the IP address of the connection from which he is accessing the web site.

Calculation of the Dwell time for a content page:

The time spent by the visitor on a particular page provides a good measure showing the interests of the visitor.

Identification of an User Session:

A visitor can be characterized by studying his browsing behavior in a session, which is a collection of web-based transactions related by time.

Managing Web-site Structure Information:

The structure of the web site is important information. With the continuous changes in creating and maintaining electronic documents.

This system describes Trace graph it's a data presentation system for Network Simulator on over internet Trace graph system provides many options for analysis, has capabilities to calculate many parameters characterizing network simulation .

The simulator leaves lot of statistical data as the output of a particular simulation of various domains and domain functionalities. Using this data that particular network can be analyzed for its performance. This analysis may include the capturing of Information from the simulator and drawing the graphs, according to this network performance the domain can be configured in a SEO system for providing better search results to end users

Hosting Layer : This module describes about web server hosting into the web of various end users, this hosting mechanism describes about the system hosting functionalities according to the various servers with respective memory usage

Access Mode : the basic functionalities about this module to provide accessing permission for various web servers to support at global system where server will registered by various domain levels

Control panel layer : this layer creates control structure of a system for managing various functionalities of a system such as like controlling the domains and sub domains and user access structure

Performance Layer : this layer is monitor performance about web servers in the web against various users accessibility here this layer manipulates how system supports to multiple end users while serving to the users

Network Analyzer mode : this mode monitors various network assessors in between various network layer standards which describes how data is transferring on over net with respective actions

Visualization Manager : this module supports network trace graph for visualizing the performance factors by understanding the various network services which shows a performance graph about various servers

Report manager : This module is all about various MIS reports of web servers and web traffics and user accessing etc