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Published on Nov 30, 2023


We plan to develop a live chatting module based on the group .We studied the working of orkut in detail..and tried to extract important features in our project. Basically our project works on LAN while the real orkut works on internet. But the basic idea behind it is the same..that is to provide the user with a enjoyable and good-to-look means of communication.

The real orkut provide the users with lot of options such as add as a friend ,write scraps, add to crush list ,write testimonials, joining communities etc..but we plan to include only the basic options in our project which deal with communication purpose or rather the chatting purpose .

Hence our project will contain basic functions like add as friend, write scraps and uploading photo. Like in real orkut ,user will create his own account containing a unique username and password ,which he only can access .

If the user is a new one then he has to fill application form containing his personal information. Then only the user can log on to the system. The user can write scrap to any member of (our project) orkut at any point of time. He is also eligible to upload the photo of his choice, which can be viewed by all the members of (our project) orkut .

The album feature which is present in real orkut is not taken in our project as there is as such no need of it. Also users are allowed to upload only one photo of his choice, which will be displayed on his homepage .

The user, on finding his friend as member of(our project) orkut can send a friend's request to him. Now it depends on user's friend whether to accept him as a friend or to reject him..this is totally in hands of the user's friend!!!

All the user's friends will be displayed on rightmost top of our that he can know who are online and who are not?.The user on finding a person to be online can write scraps to him.(Even if user's friend is offline, user can write scraps to him.these scraps will be viewed by user's friend when he will access his account).

Scraps can be written by visiting the profile of his friend and writing scraps in his scrapbook..Similarly a person can view scraps written to him in his own scrapbook.User is eligible to delete the scraps written to him and the scraps written by him. Other's scraps can't be deleted!!!!!!!

If the user is currently online, then he has to refresh the page constantly so as to view the new changes made to his account(not his personal info)for eg :if new scrap is written by his friend, then the user has to refresh his scrapbook page so as to view this new scrap.thus chatting can be done on orkut.

The user ,at any point of time, can change his personal information or his photo!!!

To implement this project, sufficient knowledge of JAVA is needed. Along with that, knowledge of socket programming and JDBC is must. Lets see how they are implemented.

• Socket programming is needed to connect PC's together and exchange information between them.

• The code of the project has to be done in JAVA hence knowledge of JAVA is must!!!!

• Also all the information is to be stored in database, hence to connect the database with our source code, knowledge of JDBC is needed.