Project Topics

Engineering Projects

Published on Nov 30, 2023

MBA IT Project Topics

Human Resource Information System
Automated Faults Tracking System
Object Tracking Using Radial Basis Function Networks
Enterprise Level System Information Management
Intelligent Car Transportation System
E-Waste Management
Ad Server
Web based Named Entity Recognition
Network Navigator
Compression in Flash-based Databases
Just Another Micromouse
Video Over Variable Bandwidth Links
Aware Bloom Filter
Prisoner's Dilemma
Auto Text Summarization
Online Enterprise Resource Planning
Inventory Management System
E-Logistics For Warehouse Management
Medical Reference System
Automatic Retrieval of Material from Storage
Rich Internet Application For Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
Matrimonial Website
Online Airline Ticket Reservation System
Business Protocol
Train Scheduling and Simulation
Distributed Data Mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection
Project Tracking System
Wolverine: Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors
An Adaptive Soft Switching Median Filter For Impulse Noise Removal
Defect Tracking Tool
Salt & Pepper Noise Removal Using Stacked Adaptive Median Filter
Online Student Feedback System
Partition-Based Median Type Filters For Suppressing Impulse Noise In Digital Images
Guest Tracker and Hospitality Management system
Employee Profile Management System
Office Automation System
Proxy Server
Virtual Router
Loan Automation System
Document Management System
Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis System For Linux
Haulage Management System
Lexico-Semantic Networks
Hostel Management
News Feeder
Hospital Administration System
Photoshop Management
Dealership Management System
Structure-Adaptive Hybrid Vector Filter For Color Image Restoration
Server Log Inferer for Apache
Pharmacy Database Management System
Internet Shopping Cart System
Lab Management System
Online Vehicle Rental System
Payroll System
Parent Record Keeping and Billing
Homeopathic Management System
Socio-Academic Network for Universities
XML Parser For E-Mail Resumes
Policy Management System
Common Allotment Process
Advertisement Management System
Interactive Wireless Solutions for Next Generation Education System
Bandwidth Monitor
Clinic Management System
Customer Relationship Management
Learning Relevance Order Over Graphically Linked Objects
Ecommerce Storefront Application
RFID Security