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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main aim of project "An Internet Shopping Cart System" is to implement the Java networking. The Internet Shopping Cart System is an On-line purchasing system. One of the most commonly used languages in Internet is Java, and it has wide application on both server and client side.

The latest trend in Internet is Web Designing through Java's dynamic technologies. Our system will interact with the client and server through Internet.

The system is developed through JDK, java Web Server, Internet explorer and MS Access or Oracle 8. The cart system a new trend business - a true e-commerce system. After the completion of the project; the system is able to collect data from the client and process the data in the server side.

The processed data is stored in the server; the concerned people send the product to the client. The system is very secure, stable and very extendable.

The Internet is the grandfather of today's Computer Networks. It is a vast globally connected system of computers and the people who use them.Although the internet has been around for year.It is the middle of a phenomenal growth spurt.At the time there 30 million people connected to the internet and thousandsof people jumping abroad every day .Since the internet s now doubling in size every year .

Infact, if this growth is continue after few years every person on the earthwould on the internet.The wide acceptance of Java and Java's networking facilities provide excellent networking applications. Java's class libraries complete with rich see up tools to send and retrieve information across the internet.

In "internet Shopping Cart System" , the customer enters the Cart System's website and order the items for purchase online.

Tne entries made by the customer are stored in a database, which is read by the Cart System and acts according to the customer needs. The system dispatches the product ordered by the customers and sends it to its corresponding customer address. The main aim of this project is to make shopping more advanced, online and easier.