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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main aim of the project is the management of the database of the pharmaceutical shop. This is done by creating a database of the available medicines in the shop. The database is then connected to the main program by using interconnection of the Visual Basic program and the database already created.


This program can be used in any pharmaceutical shops having a database to maintain. The software used can generate reports, as per the user's requirements. The software can print invoices, bills, receipts etc. It can also maintain the record of supplies sent in by the supplier

Context Diagram

In the 0 th level of the DFD the client request the Pharmacy Database process for some product or the medicine than the process gives the check availability signal to the pharmacy Database for the requested product or the medicines availability.

Pharmacy Database Management System

After checking the availability, the Database sends the status to the Pharmacy Database process. Then the Pharmacy Database process gives the status to the client and according to the status the client buys the product and pays the bill and the external entity Accounts than generates the bill for the purchased product.

In level one of the DFD the client select the mode of the action i.e. whether he wants to buy a medicine or general store product. If he selects mode as medicine than the flow of data will be as follows:

The process 2.0 i.e. medicine can enter the medicine information into the Database or can retrieve the information from the Database. If the medicine has to soled, than the sales process will check the stock whether the requested medicine is available or not, this will be done by checking the availability of the medicine and the stock process will reply by giving the status of the available stock.. If the requested medicine is available than the client will pay the bill and the account process will generate the bill for the purchased medicine.