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Published on Nov 30, 2023


From the beginning in the scientific laboratories and research establishments, computers have enclosed to become essential for modern business and industry. Today their presence in felt in all way of life. Making passenger reservation for the railways, forecasting the weather, monitor and run power plants, helping hospital to render service to patients etc.

Computers have very large storing capacity. Computers also do not make mistakes. Error in computing is generally due to negligence rather than logical faults. The vital characteristics such as them to play a center role in ourselves.

Since the computer is an electronic data processing machine, it can perform innumerable number of operators in just a few seconds. This processing speed of a computer is usually measured in nanosecond. Computer can perform a wide range of jobs with speed, accuracy and deligence. The areas of application are many :-

a.Scientific Application

b.Medical Application

c.Educational Application

d.Engineering Application

e.Business Application

The software is developed for providence clinic. This project deals with the task of computerizing the lab and pharmacy of the providence clinic.

The software is developed in Visual Basic containing coding programs. It is a very fast high level language developed mainly for business purpose