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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is being considered in order to reduce and totally eliminate loss of customers to competitors, and save the company from folding up. The current system is manual and it is time consuming. It is also cost ineffective, and average return is low and diminishing.

Currently, customers can call or walk-in in order to rent or reserve a vehicle. The staff of the company will check their file to see which vehicle is available for rental. The current system is error prone and customers are dissatisfied. The goal of this project is to automate vehicle rental and reservation so that customers do not need to walk-in or call in order to reserve a vehicle.

They can go online and reserve any kind of vehicle they want and that is available. Even when a customer chooses to walk-in, computers are available for him to go online and perform his reservation. When he choose to reserve by phone, any of the customer service representatives can help him reserve the vehicle speedily and issue him a reservation number.

The VRS will maintain the database of all vehicles the company has. It will also keep track of all vehicle reservation and return. Reports will be generated bi-weekly. Reports for the Accounts Manager will detail the cost incurred to maintain each vehicle and revenue accrued on each vehicle.

Reports for the Maintenance Manager will detail the present mileage of the car in order for him to take care of the vehicle servicing, and when each vehicle will be due for tag renewal. The Branch Manager’s report will detail total cost incurred and total revenue accrued, and the status of each vehicle so that he can decide whether to sell the vehicle or still keep it.