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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project address those who want to montitor their bandwidth for any reason.One reason might be their internet plan includes some bandwidth limit.The solution, which is nothing but the analysis of the bandwidth information,will be shown through a grpahical interface

Solution Design:

This project consists of two modules.One is a daemon process which collects the data and appends to already existing data.The second module is an interface which will make use of this data.The interface will display the analysis in the form of graphs barcharts etc

Implementation plan:

The interface will be developed using python.PyGtk graphic library will be used.The daemon uses some linux utilities to collect the data.The daemon will be coded in c++

Evaluation Plan:

After the completion of the daemon process,I will deploy it on different machines .The daemon process will collect some reasonable amount of data before i complete the Interface.And this data which is collected from different machines will serve as testcases.These testcases are to test the correctness of interface.As of now i have no idea how to test my daemon(apart from some manual follow up).I will update this as soon as i get the solution.You are most welcome to drop some advice in my mailbox


This project is most useful for the users who have bandwidth limit(as many have) .With some modification this project can be deployed on a central server to monitor the bandwidth utilisation of the clients associated.Further improvement may even add some administrating ability to the project.