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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project aims at creating a social interaction portal for various stakeholders in a University, namely the Students, the Alumni and the Faculty. We aim to provide a friendly, easy to use, yet powerful interface, that shall enable the users to post relevant information, search for other users with common interests and communicate with them.

The nal portal will be like a hybrid between Facebook, LinkedIN and, but focussed and very speci c to a single university environment.

Product Perspective

This product interfaces with the Oracle Database using JDBC, and with the web browser using HTML, CSS, Javascript(JQuery or YUI ) and is otherwise standalone. It provides the following interfaces

1. The login/register interface: To enter the portal.

2. The pro le interface: To view others' pro le, and edit your own pro le.

3. The discussions interface: To communicate between two or more users.

4. The broadcast interface: To broadcast a message to all your followers, and to receive broad- casts from people you follow.

5. The search interface: To nd relevant information in the portal.

Product Functions Overview

1. Login/Register

2. Searching over Data about people,documents,discussions etc.

3. Managing User Prole

4. Following Other Users and Broadcasting Updates

5. Starting and Mainitaining a Discussion

Project Done by Naman Agarwal, Garvit Juniwal, Harshit Mittal, Ravi Bhoraskar