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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The purpose of the project is almost clear by the name. Inventory management was what that leaded to the database and even today databases are evaluated on the ease of inserting/ modifying/ updating the data.

The purpose is to concentrate on the public dealing and not on the on ground data entry. The product is taking care of all sort of inventory management and also notifying you about the current situations of the stock. Just what you have to do is to put your PDA on the synchronization cradle regularly. The scope of the product is of course the large scale companies, for which there are a large customer base and a high reputation.

The executives need to be with the clients more and more and can’t wait for the inventory management staff for giving them the latest inventory information. One thing is very famous is the corporate world, if you need quick and reliable response then make the things automated. That’s what our product is doing.

Short description: -

The product was developed in an emulator environment of 8 MB memory and tested in a 16 MB memory. Treo 650 is a very costly device and so I was unable to move up for the higher memory devices. The product is not only taking care of data entry phases but also taking care of notifying its owner the current position of the particular stock when he is gong to take any decision related to that [particular stock.

This facilitates the executives a smart inventory consultant in his hand, showing them the related information of inventory before making any decision, because the large and reputed companies cannot take risk of taking back their decisions.

Inventory; the backbone of any business organization; Invoices, purchase orders, stock entries and a lot of old paper work. Is there is some way out? This inventory assistant gives you the ability to take inventory counts or walk around stock locations and enter purchase order directly into your off the self handheld device. These can be finally uploaded to the desktop and transferred to your central server database.

After inputting information into their PDA, retail staff simply places it in the synchronization cradle to send inventory information to the store controller PC, which then relays up to minute data to Corporate Headquarters via modem. This reduces administrative paperwork, eliminate the costs of employee time and office supplies, and reduces mistakes due to human errors. All of this leads to increased accuracy in inventory management. It helps staff over and under stocking, identifying goods for discounting and generally move inventory more quickly.

With easy to use full-localized interface, my system is quick to learn and simple to operate. As about the benefits of this system, then it could be visualize very easily. The employees can dramatically improve in-store inventory control. The system not only improves efficiency in ordering and stock inspection but also streamline the full product management process, including purchasing, selling, stocking, self price audits and price checks, re-ticketing, discontinuance and customer enquiry. That’s why it is a totally merchandise solution.

The PDA is going to be very popular with store employees. It has reduced the time they spend managing inventory and freed them from the checkout so they can get out into the store and spend more time with the customers. In any retail environment, customers who get personal service become return customers and drive the business forward.