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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Given the original place and destination our project will give the travelling plan for the required journey.It is well known that computing shortest paths over a network is an important task in many network and transportation related analyses.

Choosing an adequate algorithm from the numerous algorithms reported in the literature is a critical step in many applications involving real road networks. In a recent study, a set of three shortest path algorithms that run fastest on real road networks has been identified.

These three algorithms are:

1) the graph growth algorithm implemented with two queues,

2) the Dijkstra algorithm implemented with approximate buckets, and 3) the Dijkstra algorithm implemented with double buckets.

As a sequel to that study, this paper reviews and summarizes these three algorithms, and demonstrates the data structures and procedures related to the algorithms. This paper should be particularly useful to researchers and practitioners in transportation, GIS, operations research and management sciences.

We will do this by using dynamic programming, dijkstra'. First we will give the plans for the journey having maximum of three changes of buses or trains. Later we'll also try to implement maps for making the software more user friendly.