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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Human Resource Information System is aimed to integrate the activities of Human Resource Department of ABC LTD (ABC LTD). The Human Resource Information System maintains the following core activities and core processes of ABC LTD

1. Personal Information Management

2. Personal Training Management

3. Recruitment Process Management

4. Project Management

The information collected through the above activities will be maintained in a centralized server and could be accessed through the Internet. The company has decided to create a corporate intranetwork to connect all offices and their network would also be utilized in case of implementation. The information collected through this management and process related activities are maintained as folios.


This management process is to maintain the details of employees who are working at ABC LTD as well as employees who are working in various client concerns. The information will be maintained by HR Managers of all ABC LTD and its units. Employee details that would be sent abroad and other concerns other than clients of ABC LTD would also be managed.


Employee will be given regular training on need in the latest advanced areas. The training management maintains a folio on the various topics on which the training is provided. It is also maintains the details of the employee who underwent/is undergoing /will be undergone training. The training has been classified into three categories.

In-house training
Offshore training
Abroad training
The training management also maintains information about the guest lectures as well as lecturers.


It creates a folio relating to Recruitment Process. There are three different methods to recruit employees. They are
• Through direct recruitment
• Through campus interviews and
• Absorbing project trainees

Direct Recruitment

Direct Recruitment is done on the net. Resumes of candidates are received as either directly or by mail/e-mail/fax/courier. If they found eligible for interview they would be mailed indicating an user name, password and date of interview. The candidate has to log on into the ABC LTD server and he will be given a set of questions (mostly of objective type). He has to answer those questions and the HR Manager will process his papers. The process may include further interviews, direct appointment.

Campus Interviews

Employees are appointed by conducting interviews at college campus. The profile of the students who are interviewed is maintained. Is also maintains the details of the college. The selected candidates will first be given training in their respective areas and then they are put up in anyone of its developing unit.

Absorbing Project Trainees

The Project Trainees could also be hired by the ABC LTD concern, if their project performance is well.The existing system is computerized only but company details has been collected in a form and not stored in database it need to process more as ABC LTD is developing company the drawback of existing system is the only company details are maintained is client validation it make to move to proposed system.

The existing system is about the details about the company as it is done during period of company development The company many branches and the details are not maintained in the existing system. The employee details are maintained in the ledger this makes the more time to take and maintaining is very tough to do the existing system has many disadvantage. this makes move to the proposed system.