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Published on Nov 30, 2023


DEFECT TRACKING SYSTEM is a basic, yet fully functional web based error or Bug Tracking system that the organization’s may use as a framework to create an expanded system or use 'as is'. It is beneficial for small teams working on software projects or manufacturing processes and handling service centers.

All businesses have issues that need to be tracked and managed to arrive at a resolution. In software and hardware development, for example, issues such as defects or bugs and enhancement requests need to be tracked and managed. Resolution of these issues requires the coordination of multiple individuals within and perhaps even outside the company.

The proposed defect tracking system deals with the CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENTS for efficient customer management with an instant response mechanism and delivery concept. The proposed Defect Tracker can be used by all team members to coordinate their work, and to make sure that reported bugs and enhancement requests won't be forgotten and handled effectively and efficiently.

A company can use the defect Tracking system to enable its QA Engineers, Development Engineers, Customer Support to report bugs; and Marketing, Product Managers to file enhancement requests. The built-in workflow of the proposed system would automatically route these issues or the defects and the service or the enhancement requests to the appropriate engineers to get them implemented, and to the QA Engineers for testing.

Managers can obtain status, reports, charts and graphs showing trends and problem areas. Issues that are not taken care of in time will automatically be escalated. Everyone involved can obtain the instantaneous status, automatic notification, reports,; and share knowledge and information. Their clients and partners can report problems directly, and obtain status, notification, etc. in a “self-service” manner.

The proposed system will thus deliver up-to-the-minute defect status handling system and response status to the site members everywhere to foster better faster communication and collaboration, and automatically manages these issues to resolution. As a result, this increases productivity, improves the quality of products, and increases customer satisfactions level.


Developers can work entirely within the system, without having to switch to the defect tracker and re-enter data.

Managers gain control by enforcing the defect tracker's workflow in Perforce.

Provides traceability between defects and changes.