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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Now the common allotment processes to various engineering colleges are done at a counseling centre. There a software based system is used to automatically allot the seat as per student's choice. The remaining seats will also be displayed as the processes get updated to a centrally allocated database. The system never allots an illegal entry i.e. a category and rank based allocation is strictly followed.

CAP is an attempt to imitate a present system with some new features enabled by using a new front end development tool and a new database back end. The system is now developed with Visual Basic and the database back end is Oracle 8i.

The system performs a well allotment process with no chance of error. There are two modules, user module and administrator module. In the admin module the details like course, college and reservation are added. When a new course is added to a new college/existing one, the administrator have privilege to change it to get the seats to the allotment process.

Also when the Government changes policies on reservation, it can easily be adopted in the allotment program also. The user never can access these administrative utilities, which makes the system a real secure one

Common Allotment Process


? Here we are using VB which is very easier to get familiar with.

? Here the chance of occurrence of error is less when compared with the existing system.

? Here the students enter their options themselves. They don't need any intermediate user.

? Here we are also providing daily admission report, availability of seats etc.