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Published on Nov 30, 2023


When we come to twenty first century computer will be an important par' of the day-to-day life of the Common people. Mary has invented many electronic devices but it can be said that computer has made the greatest impact on mankind than any other electronic devices.

Computer perform a specified sequence of operation on a set of data in order to generate information w hick in turn assist computer users in decision making. Most work requires data manipulation. Computers are affecting almost all areas of human activity.

Computers are used it fields such as office administration, factory automation, teaching, medicine and sports. They find great applications in the fields for fine arts, politics, military, government, engineering. Science and research, designing buildings and machines and playing games etc.


At present Computers and their applications significantly affect almost every aspect of Modern Institutions, Government Offices and in Business. Therefore, the study of system analysis, which is a structured process for designing and developing effective database manipulating systems in business and for other firms, in becoming increasingly important.

A System is an orderly grouping of independent components finked together according to a plant to achieve a specific objective. When a new System is to designed, or an existing system is to be modified, we need to study the system carefully. This study is called as System Analysis.