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Published on Nov 30, 2023


In order to maintain a good recognition at University of Moratuwa, the management does every possible aspect in maintaining the qualities of the lecturers. One of the main evaluations done at the university is getting an anonymous student feedback at the end of each module at the end of the semester and getting an overall summary of the students viewpoints regarding the lecturer’s teaching.

In order to get a productive feedback, the university has prepared a questionnaire to be filled by the students which covers the key points regarding a lecture.

Up to now, this task was done manually with the usage of papers and pens. This has many drawbacks and evaluating these hand written forms is a difficult process. But this is the online-era, where everything is online, and University of Moratuwa is one of the pioneers in this country introducing e-learning systems, online registrations of courses and much more, in all which the Department of Computer Science and Engineering plays a vital role. And this is the time to make the student feedback system online, and we are proud that this again starts from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


1.Represent the information regarding the submission of feedback forms to lecturers and instructors of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

2.A typical feedback form consists some questions where students have to give a numerical “grade” and one or more comments fields.

3.Typically, lecturers/instructors would like to see a summary of the feedbacks in addition to going through them individually.
Recording the identity of the students with their feedback is not expected, but if the student prefers to do so they should have this option. One student is allowed to give only one feedback in one turn; however they are allowed to change it at any time later.

4. All the modifications to the feedback should be tracked. In addition, you will have to consider factors such as courses conducted by more than one lecturer and students belonging to different departments.

5. This description is kept vague to a certain extent so that you have the opportunity to come up with the details. For instance, you can think about allowing lecturers/instructors to respond to feedbacks.

We developed the web interface of the application very similar to that of Moodle, as we had the base idea of integration of this with Moodle in our minds. We used the same Cascading Style Sheets that are used with Moodle and this helped us create our UI simple and sleek.

We used a special template technique, using the PHP Smarty library, which is used to create templates. We used this as our group Shayanthan and Nimalaprakasan had studied about this in their programming languages module, and they wanted to try this in this project. So we created a Smarty template, and used that all over our project