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Videocon D2H Customer Care Number in Punjab : Set Top Boxes

Published on May 29, 2020

Videocon D2H Customer Care Number in Punjab : Set Top Boxes


Videocon D2H Customer Care Number in Punjab : Set Top Boxes : d2h, has won the hearts of millions over the years with its quality services that are constantly revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Since the last 4 years, d2h has continuously been India's Fastest Growing DTH brand. It has a gross subscriber base of 19 million.

Enhancing entertainment and TV viewing for our customers has always been a priority for d2h. This made us come up with some of the best technological innovations like India's first 4K Ultra HD Channel, Wireless DTH Headphones, Radio Frequency DTH Remote and a 1000 GB HD DVR, constantly redefining the TV viewing experience.

d2h has prided itself in presenting its subscribers with a robust line-up of 650 channels and services, including 61 Asli HD Channels & services and a host of regional channels. d2h has launched d2h stream Set top Box (Connected Set top box) which converts your existing normal TV into a Smart TV. The Connected set top box allows one to browse content from Facebook, Twitter, Daily Motion, video on demand sites, news sites, weather sites, etc through applications residing on STB. Powered by the MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 technology, d2h transforms your TV into a hub of entertainment and knowledge.

D2H Customer Care Number Punjab

D2H Customer Care No Punjab : 91156 91156


E 16/ E 18 Error on TV : 1800 1370 777

3 DAYS EXTRA TO RECHARGE : 1800 1370 333

Activate channel : 1800 3150 XXX

Exclusive Offers : 97818 97818

New connection : 1800 3150 002

Talk to Us : 91156 91156

Write to us :

• You can also contact us on toll free number 1800 212 212

Various Types of Set Top Boxes for Punjab Customers

HD RF Set Top Box

HD RF Set Top Box : Rs. 1799/- (Inclusive of 1 Month Subscription of Platinum HD Combo)

Unlimited Recording

This is a feature unique to d2h HD STB, which enables you to record any programme if you are busy at that time. You can either record a Live TV programme or you can even record a scheduled programme. And you can watch the recorded programme later at your leisure. Enjoy the feature of Unlimited Recording on your TV and cherish Indian Values.

Title/Time Based Recording

This feature enables you to manually set the recording for any particular TV programme by its title. You can also set the timing for the recording so that you not miss a single minute of the programme.

Rewind/Forward (up to 32x)

You can either rewind or forward any recorded programme up to 32 times the normal speed, thus saving you valuable time.

Pause Live TV

You can attend to any emergency work at hand by pressing the pause button of any Live programme on your TV, and then watching it later at your convenience.

Ceiling of maximum pension is per senior citizen i.e. total amount of pension under all the policies under this plan, including policies taken under Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana with UIN: 512G311V01, allowed to a senior citizen shall not exceed the maximum pension limit.

Digital Set Top Box

Digital Set Top Box Price : Rs.1499/- (Inclusive of 1 Month Subscription of Gold Combo)


d2h has the unique facility of being able to show you 12 programmes of a particular genre on your TV screen, at one go. This allows you to select the particular programme that you wish to watch.


Select your favourite TV channels whether it is news, sports or movies and put them in a folder. And then watch the programmes without having to search for them each time you switch on your television.


Set your preferred language of navigation through the Electronic Programme Guide of d2h. There is a choice of twelve languages you can choose for navigation purpose and two can be set at a time. Available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Odiya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Preview Screen

Before shifting to another channel, you can watch a preview of the particular programme by seeing it on your screen. And then choose which channel you prefer to watch.

Digital HD Set Top Box

Digital HD Set Top Box Price : Rs.1599/- (Inclusive of 1 Month Subscription of Gold HD Combo)

5X Picture Quality

5X picture quality gives you an experience like never before.

Faster Processor Speed

Speed should be your last concern as we have a faster processor speed

HDMI Cable

Now connect your devices and enjoy the benefits

1080 Pixel

Offers full High Definition Resolutions -1080 P quality

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