In this page, you can find Major Projects for ECE in Embedded Systems and Embedded Project Research Thesis Paper with Circuit Diagram and Full report for Final Year ECE Students. Also Explore Embedded Systems Thesis and Free Download of Embedded Based ECE Project Topics, Ideas, Reports, Abstracts, PDF, DOC and PPT for the year 2013.

Major Projects for ECE in Embedded Systems


FP Based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer

The aim of the project is to design a security system to access the vehicle.The purpose of the project is to provide a high level security system to our vehicles from being thefts and to give the access control of vehicles to the authorized persons only. In present days, we are using a key to operate (start/stop) the vehicle. It provides less security to protect the vehicle from thefts. That is why, for providing high level security to vehicle we use the finger print .......>>>>Read More


Wireless Meter For Consumer Utility

In this project we are using this utility meters to measure household utility readings. From the sensors analogical data is given as input to the ADC. This device will convert this data and into digital format and fetches to the microcontroller. Controller will transmit the data to the receiver part using Zigbee wireless communication. Receiver section will receive the data and displays the readings of utilities on the LCD.......>>>>Read More


Automatic Light Dim Dip Controller

This project is focused on keeps the correct head light lighting power in accordance with the opposite vehicle light or any light source intensity.This type of system called Automatic Dim and Dipper is used to control the intensity of the Head light automatically using the Dim Dip Controller. By knowing the opposite vehicle light intensity value, the brightness of the light is varied. This system is accurate, reliable and it is easy to operate also. .......>>>>Read More



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