ATM Terminal Design Based On Fingerprint Recognition


The main aim of this project is to design the ATM terminal, based on the fingerprint recognition. The purpose of this project is to increase the security that customer use the ATM machine. Once user's bank card is lost and the password is stolen, the criminal will draw all cash in the shortest time, which will bring enormous financial losses to customer, so to rectify this problem we are implementing this project


Nowadays, using the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) which provide customers with the convenient banknote trading is very common. However, the financial crime case rises repeatedly in recent years; a lot of criminals tamper with the ATM terminal and steal user's credit card and password by illegal means. Once user's bank card is lost and the password is stolen, the criminal will draw all cash in the shortest time, which will bring enormous financial losses to customer. How to carry on the valid identity to the customer becomes the focus in current financial circle.

Traditional ATM systems authenticate generally by using the credit card and the password, the method has some defects. Using credit card and password cannot verify the client's identity exactly. In recent years, the algorithm that the fingerprint recognition continuously updated, which has offered new verification means for us, the original password authentication method combined with the biometric identification technology verify the clients' identity better and achieve the purpose that use of ATM machines improve the safety effectively.

The embedded ATM client authentication system is based on fingerprint recognition which is designed after analyzed existed ATM system. The S3C2440 chip is used as the core of this embedded system which is associated with the technologies of fingerprint recognition and current high speed network communication

By using this project we designed the ATM terminal based on figure print recognition, hence we secured the ATM's by using figure print recognition





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