Moving Person Detection System Using Ultrasonic Sensor


The existing Defence camp security systems may use Infrared (IR), more advanced Laser technologies to prevent and alert the intrusion of the terrorists and other unauthorized civilians into the army camp. The existing army camp security systems have some limitation, which could provide unwarranted security to the camp. The limitation is that IR alert one and only if the intruder is detected between the transmitter and receiver (point to point communication link).

In t his project, a highly advanced ultrasonic and a 8051microcontroller are used to alert the security personals. A wireless system is used to transmit the alert signal over a wireless channel. Ultrasonic sensor is sensitive to any human movement. It detects infrared radiation coming from any alive body. 8051 microcontroller is used for main module. In activated condition, when an intruder enters the prohibited area, sensor trigger main module zones, which in turn sends the message to the central camp and a visual and audible alert is produced in the camp. ULTRASONICS sensor used to detect the heat source movement. Here WIRELESSTRANSMITTER is used to send the information to the camp when the unwanted person crosses the in the prohibited area.









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