In this page, you can find Project Based On Embedded System and Embedded Project Research Thesis Paper with Circuit Diagram and Full report for Final Year ECE Students. Also Explore Embedded Systems Thesis and Free Download of Embedded Based ECE Project Topics, Ideas, Reports, Abstracts, PDF, DOC and PPT for the year 2013.

Project Based On Embedded System


Wireless For Monitoring Mine Safety System

The foremost critical task for coal mine is of keeping track of miners spread out across large mining areas. It becomes even difficult when mine tunnels collapse. Many mines use a radio system to track miners, but when a collapse occurs, the base stations connected by a thin wire often are rendered useless. In this project to overcome the demerits of radio system we used wireless technology for.........>>>>Read More


Programmable On-Off Timer

This project is developed for the users to control the operation of any home appliances. In modern world, Man has no time to wait for a particular appliance to on for a particular period. The appliance can be on and off under this control. The user can set any of the time given in the timer switch using key pad. The settings are stored in the microcontroller. The details are displayed in the LCD display. .........>>>>Read More


Line Sensing Robotic Car

Our innovative project aim to drive a car without any human interference. In our project we make the use of IR rays for controlling and providing a path for car movement. Here IR emitter (transmitter) and IR detector (receiver) are used for providing control actions. We know that IR emitter emits the IR rays and it is detected (received) by an IR detector. In our project both IR detector.........>>>>Read More



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