In this page, you can find Simple||Easy Embedded Projects and Embedded Project Research Thesis Paper with Circuit Diagram and Full report for Final Year ECE Students. Also Explore Embedded Systems Thesis and Free Download of Embedded Based ECE Project Topics, Ideas, Reports, Abstracts, PDF, DOC and PPT for the year 2013.

Simple||Easy Embedded Projects


Brake Failure Indicator For Four Wheelers

The objective of this project is to identify the Brake Failure in the Four Wheeler vehicle. All most all the vehicles are facing out the problem so called as brake failure, how to rectify? What to do to prevent this brake failure which results in more number of accidents. To overcome this problem, we find a solution called brake failure indicator in order to rectify the problem.........>>>>Read More


Mobile Based Robot

This project is developed for the users to control a Robot through Cell phone. The user can control all the operations of the Robot like moving forward, moving left, moving right, moving backward, hand up/down etc.This teleremote circuit which enables controlling the operations through DTMF signal. It can be used to control the robot from any distance, overcoming the limited range of infrared.........>>>>Read More


Accident Alert in Modern Traffic System with Camera

This project is developed for the users to have accident alert in modern traffic system. This device can be used in highly accidental area to avoid accidents. It consists of microcontroller unit, telephone circuit, LCD display, two transmitters and two receivers. One transmitter is connected first and a receiver is fixed just opposite .........>>>>Read More



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