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Telangana EPass Covid 19 : Telangana Lockdown Curfew Online Pass

Published on May 31, 2020

Telangana EPass Covid 19 : Telangana Lockdown Curfew Online Pass

Telangana EPass Covid 19 : With states allowing movement of migrant workers, students and other stranded people to their home states, many from Telangana are trying to get an e-pass, which will be valid for round-trip travel, from the police.

Telangana police, confirmed that e-pass will be valid for round trip for the vehicle and the driver. “If a person is going to pick his/her family stranded in some other state, he/she can come back and enter into Telangana with the same pass. However, stranded family members need to get clearance from said state,” said Mahesh Bhagwat, commissioner of police, Rachakonda.

• All the state appoint a Nodal Officer to execute Movement of Stranded Migrant Workers very safely.

• Each and every migrant Worker must be screened and if found asymptomatic then only allowed to movement from one to another state.

• There will be people allowed to send by buses and trains after proper Sanitization before and after.

Apply for Telangana E-Pass Online : Migrant Registration

1. Open the website

2. First you have to enter your Mobile Number.

3. After entering the Mobile Number you have click Validate Mobile Number.

4. You have to enter the Name, Age, Police District etc in the next page.

5. Also enter the Govt ID Number, Current Residential Address, Date of Travel, To State, Route, Vehicle Type and Vehicle Number

Telangana Police E Pass

6. Next Please upload your photograph for the pass.

7. Next is Optional. Please upload supporting documents for Faster Approval for the Pass

8. Then click the Submit Button.

13. Now all the details you submitted will be shown in the next page with E-Pass ID .

14. Please take the printout and show at the time of travel.

How to Check the Status of Pass Online:

1. Click the link

2. Click : Click Here for Citizen Print Pass

3. Then enter the Reference Number in the next Page.

4. You will the Epass after entering it.

4. You should submit it for the Interstate Travel.

Documents Required for E PASS Registration

• Driving License

• Any Govt. issued Identification card

• ID Proof of working in concerned office / shop

Many families managed to secure a pass by submitting required information on link The pass was issued only after due verification of the details provided by the families.

Following overwhelming response from people, the e-pass dashboard of Telangana Police website crashed after it went live on Sunday. As a result, people could not avail the facility for a few hours.

Proof Needed In Service Attachment

• Vehicle RC

• Other Document

• Proof of Registration with Government / Corporation

Links for registration of migrants who are stuck in different states and wish to go back to their home states

1. Madhya Pradesh:

2. Gujarat:

From Gujarat to others states:

From Delhi to Gujarat:

From Haryana to Gujarat:

From Punjab to Gujarat:

From Himachal Pradesh to Gujarat:

From J&K to Gujarat:

From Ladakh to Gujarat:

3. Punjab: Persons wanting to go to their home states may register at this portal:

4. Maharashtra :

5. Rajasthan:

6. Himachal Pradesh:

7. Tamil Nadu:

8. Haryana:

9. Karnataka:

10. Uttarakhand: This link has both registration links for people coming to Uttarakhand and people wanting to go out of Uttarakhand.

11. Odisha:

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