https // Login : How can I Track my PA State Tax Refund?

https // Login : How can I Track my PA State Tax Refund?

myPATH is the new online portal that has replaced many of the Department of Revenue’s online services. myPATH, which stands for ‘my Pennsylvania Tax Hub’, provides many self-service options such as registering a new tax account, accurately and securely filing returns, making payments, managing your accounts, and interacting with the department. Some advantages of using myPATH are:

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Compatible with any device and most browsers
  • Error-reducing automatic calculators
  • Verification that all required information is included on your return before it is submitted
  • Instant confirmation

You can access many features directly from the myPATH homepage without needing to create a username or password. Additional options are offered exclusively to users who opt to create an account.

Recent changes to myPATH

On November 30, 2022, myPATH services were expanded to include online services for most business taxes administered by the department. In addition, the myPATH homepage panels, the myPATH sign up process, and some logged in options have changed.

Changes to the myPATH homepage (non-logged in)

  • New panels for Additional ServicesTax Compliance, and Learn More
  • Respond to a Letter, Find a Submission, and Track My Inheritance Tax Return options are being moved to a new Additional Services panel
  • All tax due dates will be available from the Additional Services panel
  • The existing Individuals panel will be replaced with a Returns panel
  • A new service to File a Use Tax Return will be available from the Returns panel
  • A new service to Request a Corporate Lien Certificate will be available from the new Tax Compliance panel

Changes to the myPATH sign up process

  • When signing up for a myPATH logon as a First Party or Business Owner, an access letter will no longer be required unless there is Federal Tax Information (FTI) on the account you are attempting to gain access to.
    • Customers will be able to gain access to their account(s) by verifying detail about an account they own.
    • This allows instant access to their account(s) without the need to wait for a letter.
  • When signing up for a myPATH logon as a Third party, it is no longer required that your client have a myPATH first party/owner logon.
    • When requesting account access to a client’s account, the department no longer requires the client to sign up as a first party for myPATH. Third parties will be able to gain access to accounts they manage on behalf of their client(s) by verifying detail about the account if the client has not signed up for a myPATH profile.
    • If the client is signed up for a myPATH profile, the client will have to grant the third party access to their account(s).

Changes you may see when logged into your myPATH profile

For First Party/Primary Administrators, if you have Business Tax accounts registered under the same SSN/FEIN, you may now see additional tax types on myPATH when logging in.

  • As a First Party, you will have the option to “Add Access” to these accounts without further validation.
  • These tax accounts include, but are not limited to:
    • Sales and Use Tax
    • Employer Withholding Tax
    • Corporate Net Income Tax
  • Third Parties will have the option to request access to their client’s Business Tax accounts on myPATH. Business Tax accounts being added include, but are not limited to:
    • Sales and Use Tax
    • Employer Withholding Tax
    • Corporate Net Income Tax
  • myPATH logons will have the option to sign up for due date reminders for select account types.

New Filing Options Coming to myPATH

  • Ability to file and make payments for additional business tax accounts including, but not limited to sales and use tax, employer withholding tax, and specialty corporation taxes.
  • Bulk upload files and payments for sales tax and employer withholding accounts.

How to Enroll for myPATH

Although some myPATH features are available without the need to establish a username or password, you may be required to sign up for a profile to use features for some tax types. When signing up, please consider the following requirements:

  • A unique email address that is not associated with any other myPATH profile
  • Usernames must be a minimum of 5 characters (no special characters)
  • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least one of the following: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Primary phone number

If you create a username and password to use myPATH as a tax account holder, your profile gives you full access to your own tax account information with the ability to also grant access to other myPATH users.

myPATH - Pennsylvania Tax Hub

Which ID Type Should I Use to Register?

  • ​Social Security Number
    If you have already filed income taxes in Pennsylvania, register using your SSN to access your personal income tax or sole proprietor tax account information.
  • Federal Employer ID
    If you are a business owner, register using your FEIN to manage your business tax account(s).
    Each taxpayer in the department’s tax system is assigned a unique 10-digit PATH ID. You can register using your PATH ID instead of using an SSN or FEIN.
  • Revenue ID
    Each taxpayer in the department’s legacy tax system was assigned a unique 11-digit ID referred to as the revenue ID or Business Partner (BP) number. You can register using your Revenue ID instead of using the above IDs.