AMP HRblock Login : H&R Block Amp Login |

AMP HRblock Login : H&R Block Amp Login |

Login to your AMP H&R Block or MyBlock account anytime to securely access your tax information. Once you sign-in, check the status of your tax refund, view past tax returns and more.

An H&R Block Activation Code is a unique ten-character code that’s sent with the copy of H&R Block Tax Software you bought. It’s made up of uppercase letters and numbers, formatted like XXXXX-XXXXX. The H&R Block Activation Code is used to register your software and unlock your five free federal e-files.

If you can’t find your H&R Block Tax Software Activation Code, here’s how to locate it based on how you bought the software:

  • Downloaded from H&R Block — Check your in-box for your purchase confirmation. The Activation Code will be in the email you received when you bought your software.
  • Downloaded from an online retailer (Ex: for an Amazon H&R Block Activation Code) — Check your in-box. The code is usually sent in the purchase confirmation email. You can also check in your account on the website where you purchased the software. There should be a history of your digital software purchases and the Activation Code for the H&R Block Tax Software.

Using Your H&R Block Software Activation Code

Once you have your H&R Block Activation Code, you’ll need to enter it into the software to activate and use your free federal e-files.

To activate your software:

  1. Open the H&R Block Tax Software.
  2. If the software is already open, save your return (if applicable), close the software, and then open it again
  3. Click Next until you reach the Activate and Register Your Software screen.
  4. Enter your personal information and the eight-character H&R Block Activation Code you received when you bought your software.
  5. Click Activate Now.


If you’ve installed the H&R Block Tax Software on a second computer, you’ll need to activate again.

If you don’t see the Activate and Register Your Software screen when you open the program, you can enter the H&R Block Software Activation Code from the File tab:

  1. Click on the File tab.
  2. Click Next until you reach the Your Federal E-file Fee screen.
  3. Choose E-file for free using my Activation Code.
  4. Enter your H&R Block Activation Code and continue.

H&R Block Online Login and Login Issues

If you’re having trouble signing into your H&R Block online account, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll have you back in the tax-filing business by the end of this page (or sooner).

Just looking for the login link? Go to and use the person icon in the upper right-hand corner to sign in or create a new account.

You can also bookmark the link at, so you can access it again easily.

Quick Troubleshooting

Let’s double-check a few things before we go further:

  • Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, so “jsmith” is different from “JSMITH.” Check your caps lock.
  • If you can’t remember your password, here’s what we’re looking for:
    • 8-30 characters
    • One uppercase letter
    • One lowercase letter
    • One number
    • One special character (Ex: $, #, %, or !)

If none of that helped, you’ve probably forgotten either your username or password. We don’t blame you — we have a hunch it’s been at least a year since you’ve used it.

Forgot Username/Password?

If you’re not on the Sign in screen yet, go to, use the Profile  icon in the upper right-hand corner of this screen, and choose Sign in to my account.

From the Sign in screen:-

  1. Click on Forgot username/password? under the Password.
  2. Enter your email, mobile number, or username. You’ll have three tries to enter the info for your account. (Go ahead and use up the three if you can’t remember the right one.).
    • If we couldn’t find your account after three tries, fill out the account lookup screen, hit Next, and you should be back on track.
  3. You’ll get a security code sent to the email or phone number you gave (to verify it’s really you).
  4. Enter that code into the Security code field you see on your screen and hit Next. (If you don’t have access to that email or phone anymore, click Try something else and follow those steps.)
  5. Now, you should see a screen with the account we found for you. If there’s more than one, choose the one with the most recent Last Sign In date and click Reset Password.
  6. If you had to use Try something else in this process, you should go directly to Account Settings (once you’re signed in) and update your contact info so you can get back in next time.