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Ideas for a Informative Speech

Published on Jun 23, 2022

Top Ideas for a Informative Speech

1) Social issues in today's society

2) Your subconscious mind and you

3) Comparison of different religions

4) The three branches of U.S. government

5) The Seven Wonders of the World

6) Origins of superstitions

7) Use of Steroids in Body Building

8) Symbolism in literature

9) Procedure of cosmetic surgeries

10) Is the world going to end in 2012?

11) Extinct animals in the last 100 years

12) America’s fastest growing cities

13) History of human cloning

14) Reasons why people should vote

More Topics

1) How to make fun every day in life.

2) When I resign, I will ...

3) My motto: I’m flexible by indecision.

4) Ways to remember birthdays.

5) For her/him who doesn't have to do it, nothing is impossible.

6) How to give your dog or cat a pill.

7) Why men are proud of themselves.

8) How to cheat poker the nice way.

9) Why I don't want to be a millionaire.

10) Eating flowers is possible.

11) How to determine you are addicted to the Internet.

12) The working of Murphy's Law.

13) Wine/beer/cocktail of the month.

14) How to be a charming host at any event.

15) Demonstrate tasting wine in a humorous way.

16) If I were my boss, then I ...

17) Happy puppies make humans happy.

18) How to deny reality.

19) Ten fun things to do during an exam.

20) Urban running acrobatics.

21) Ten ways to order a pizza.

22) Your guide to life.

23) Chasing idle dreams is a good habit.

24) How to throw a paper airplane in class.

25) Ten things you've learned from your pet.

26) Personal bloopers are great funny topics for a speech.

27) My most profitable mistake.

28) Funny computer terms and phrases.

29) What women really say when they talk to men.

30) Answers on the meaning of life.

31) Funny holidays in other countries.

32) How to find funny speech topics in 24 hours.

33) Woman marries much younger man.

34) Unexpected disasters that can happen.

35) Bare funny facts about men.

36) Funny facts about women.

37) How to become a rat and make a fortune.

38) Rules for boys who want to date with your sister.

39) Funny first date experiences.

40) A true story that ain't true in the end.

41) Unusual incidents.

42) Funny job applicant stories.

43) How I choose friends.

44) People with mediocre talents have success and high talented people haven't.

45) Why my - any fun speech topic - looks cooler than the ... of my neighbour.

46) Rare speed limits and the reasons why.

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