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Published on Sep 26, 2021

Top Essay Paper Topics

1) Proper pain management should be made available to everyone.

2) Understaffed hospitals can‟t be blamed for the lower quality of care.

3) Some innovations make us lazy.

4) Google glasses can cause more car accidents.

5) Video games should have timers, blocking the windows after a set time limit.

6) Wikileaks project serves the purposes of democracy.

7) Availability of information on the web is doing more good than harm.

8) The degrees received in online colleges should be treated equally to those of traditional brick and mortar institutions.

9) Online shopping will soon misplace all the traditional malls.

10) Including physical exercises in video games is the only way to convince kids to go in for sports.

11) Texting helps students improve their reading skills.

12) Modern people are overly attached to their cell phones.

13) Most social networks use blue in their interface because it builds trust.

14) Social networks shouldn‟t share users‟ information with 3rd parties.

15) Social networks should be free from ads.

16) Profiles on professional networks are a must for college graduates.

17) Sharing too much information on Facebook is dangerous.

18) Cyberbullying is the consequence of poor privacy settings.

19) Social networks make us a better connected society.

20) Twitter can be an effective tool of political propaganda.

21) People who are attracted online will be attracted in real life too.

22) Moderate Facebook breaks can improve students‟ performance.

23) People should abandon cash to save trees.

24) Wind power plants help reduce global warming effect.

25) Governments should ban plastic bags.

26) Recycling is the best solution to the problem of e-waste.

27) Everyone should use bicycle for short journeys.

28) Families shouldn‟t own more than 2 cars.

29) Earth hours should be held monthly.

30) Nuclear power plants should be banned worldwide.

31) Whaling should be prohibited.

32) Ecotourism is beneficial for the environment.

33) Video games are a kind of sports, just like chess.

34) All violent sports, like boxing, should be banned.

35) Players‟ transfers from team to team should be prohibited.

36) All sports involving animals should be outlawed.

37) Women shouldn‟t go in for power lifting.

38) Women‟s sports should be treated equally to men‟s sports.

39) TV sports shouldn‟t use alcohol or tobacco ads.

40) Coach is responsible for 50% of athlete‟s success.

41) The first move advantage in chess doesn‟t benefit a player.

42) Some of the college athletes are actually smart.

43) Hypnosis is effective for curing addictions.

44) Facebook addiction may require an intervention.

45) Rehabilitated drug addicts can return to normal social life.

46) Credit cards and debt lifestyles can be addictive.

47) Emotional dependence on the opinions of others is bad for the personal development.

48) Smoking can‟t relieve stress.

49) Drug addiction is caused by the lack of spirituality.

50) Family homes are better than rehabilitation centers.

51) The mechanism of Alcoholics Anonymous is ineffective.

52) Everyone suffers from certain addictions.

53) Video game related injuries are not a serious threat to society.

54) We should preserve old buildings as architectural monuments.

55) People shouldn‟t erect the statues of whoever they choose (such as immoral politicians, for instance).

56) Graffiti is bad unless it uses special canvas.

57) Digital art should be treated equally to traditional art.

58) Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake phenomena reveal the level of our culture.

59) Any kind of censorship kills art.

60) An artist always paints people as if they looked like her/him.

61) Viewers always find their own meanings in artworks, which weren‟t initially meant by artists. (E.g. Black Square by Kazimir Malevich)

62) Some of the TV ads are true artworks.

63) Some of the rap songs actually have a deep meaning.

64) Listening to Mozart‟s music doesn‟t make anyone smarter.

65) Adele‟s songs can heal.

66) For the sake of employees‟ health, music in shopping areas should be banned.

67) Justin Bieber is actually talented.

68) Electronic music can be as beautiful as classics.

69) Music can relieve moral and physical pain.

70) Teachers should use background music at college tests.

71) Using earphones when crossing the street should be banned.

72) Pregnant women should listen to comforting music.

73) The use of Photoshop at beauty contests should be banned.

74) Photography can be even more difficult than painting.

75) Street photographers don‟t have the right to take pics of anyone without a person‟s permission.

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