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Published on Aug 23, 2021

Top Essay Paper Topics

1) Regardless of increasing technologies, photographer‟s skills are still important.

2) Natural light is always better than flash for a quality pic.

3) Even though every kid has a camera in his/her phone, the profession of a photographer isn‟t dying.

4) An unlimited access to a digital camera and social media + bad choices can mean trouble (suicide of Amanda Todd in Canada).

5) Black and white pics still have certain charm about them.

6) Post filters can improve the quality of some pics.

7) The traditional direct labor focus has become obsolete.

8) The collection of cost and profitability data is central to firm‟s strategic planning.

9) The higher level of financial accounting disclosure increases the level of competition among the reporting companies.

10) Non-cash items should be included in performance evaluation techniques.

11) The choice of the financial accounting method shouldn‟t be delegated to managers or shareholders.

12) Collusion in auditing defines the value of auditing mechanisms.

13) The main goal of accounting is to implement contracts among economic agents.

14) Corporate social and environmental reporting (CSR) is a must for all firms.

15) The changes in tax policies should be immediately reflected in accounting procedures.

16) To serve the new management requirements, accounting systems should be more flexible.

17) Journalists should never distort the truth for the purpose of making sensations.

18) With the development of photo editing technologies, journalistic photos are not that valuable today as they used to be.

19) Silence of journalists on certain issues during wars is a part of professional ethics.

20) Journalism ethics reflects the level of democracy in different countries.

21) Internet journalism should follow the same principles of professional ethics as its offline analogues do.

22) The advent of cable television had negative effects on journalism: The increased competition is bad for professional ethics.

23) There is still discrimination against women journalists in the States.

24) The Chinese government shouldn‟t control the messages concerning the public opinion on one child policy sent by the media.

25) The word choices of different channels reveal the different attitudes towards the excavation of the al-Aqsa mosque.

26) Citizen journalism shouldn‟t be a tool of political manipulation (South Korea presidential elections).

27) The effectiveness of paid advertizing will never compete with free media placement.

28) The news coverage plays a primary role in formation of consumer perceptions.

29) Modern consumers care about company‟s ethics.

30) Company‟s reputation and ethics are the core factors of its success.

31) Using social media platforms is critical for successful PR.

32) Negative PR doesn‟t work for corporations.

33) Selling last name to a brand is unethical.

34) Word of mouth will never lose its value.

35) Public relations should be integrated with other communication strategies.

36) Self-education is more important than a college degree for PR.

37) Brick-and-mortar shops will be replaced with online retailers soon.

38) Elderly clients are afraid of using online shops.

39) Most brick and mortar shops will soon suffer from the problem of showrooming (exhibiting products for the customers who later buy the same items online).

40) Site layout affects potential buyers‟ decisions.

41) Online fraud schemes have almost no chances today.

42) Online shopping can be addictive just like traditional shopping.

43) Online shopping is still associated with certain risks.

44) Customers‟ security should be the primary concern of online retailers.

45) Online auctions use the effect of time pressure to influence buyers‟ economic decisions.

46) Consumer behavior is an important part of ecommerce strategies.

47) More sex education in schools will reduce teen pregnancy.

48) Living together prepares couples for marriage.

49) Young couples shouldn‟t live with parents.

50) Parents shouldn‟t give money to their kids who are over 18.

51) Only abstinence can prevent teen pregnancy.

52) College education isn‟t enough for finding a well-paid job.

53) Internship is the best way for entering a profession.

54) College debt is the top reason for youth depression.

55) Early marriages are more likely to end with early divorces.

56) Gap year between school and college improves career prospects.

57) Anti-aging drugs won‟t benefit society.

58) Treating all chronic age-related diseases is more effective than treating individual conditions.

59) The retirement ages shouldn‟t rise even if life expectancy increases.

60) Aging isn‟t a medical condition, but the related diseases are.

61) Eternal youthfulness would lead to less ambition.

62) Senior citizens deserve better treatment.

63) Elderly people who have kids shouldn‟t live in retirement homes.

64) We should teach kids to treat all people with respect, not only elderly people.

65) We need more TV shows focusing on interests of elderly people.

66) People shouldn‟t work after reaching the retirement age to solve the problem of unemployment among college graduates.

67) Government should provide free healthcare to the homeless.

68) Only parents can make important decisions about children‟s health.

69) Organ donation at the expense of donor‟s life should be prohibited.

70) Individuals who are diagnosed with deadly illnesses should have access to treatments, which haven‟t gone through clinical testing.

71) Breastfeeding in public should be allowed.

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