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Published on Aug 23, 2021

Top Essay Ideas

1) The policies of forced adoption in Australia were an unthinkable crime.

2) The Catholic Church can be justified in forbidding the use of barrier methods of contraception.

3) Catholic priests shouldn‟t take a vow of celibacy.

4) Blasphemy should be a criminal offense (Pussy Riot in Moscow‟s Cathedral of Christ the Savior).

5) Western newspapers shouldn‟t publish cartoons with Prophet Mohammed.

6) Creationism should be taught at schools.

7) Schools should teach the Ten Commandments.

8) Religion does more harm than good.

9) Most modern people use religion for therapeutic goals mainly, asking for help during hard times.

10) Religious beliefs should dominate over the state laws.

11) The words „under God‟ should be removed from the American Pledge of Allegiance.

12) Capitalism is better than socialism.

13) It is sometimes right for the government to restrict freedom of speech.

14) Voting should be made compulsory.

15) Tortures shouldn‟t be used for obtaining the information even from individuals who are suspected of international terrorism.

16) Suicide should be a criminal offense.

17) The press shouldn‟t be able to publish allegations about private lives without consent.

18) Church should be separated from the state.

19) Arranged marriages should be banned.

20) Both polygyny (the union of 1 man and several women) and polyandry (the union of 1 woman and several men) should be legalized.

21) Rural-urban migration should be restricted.

22) Parents should have the right to use the innovative technologies for choosing baby‟s sex.

23) Parents should have the right to screen fetus for heritable diseases.

24) Couples should receive parenting licenses.

25) Parents should respect personalities of their kids.

26) Grandparent involvement is important for raising happy kids.

27) Democratic parenting style is the most effective one.

28) Every parent needs some personal time and space.

29) Stick and carrot motivation is an effective parenting strategy.

30) The tendency of postponed parenthood is good for society.

31) Dads should take parenting leaves.

32) Beavis and Butthead series have a negative impact on teens‟ development.

33) Digital television is bad for environment.

34) Emos culture is a good way for teens to express their emotions.

35) Government shouldn‟t sponsor media.

36) Netiquette (etiquette norms on the web) should be included in school curriculum.

37) Youtube should keep its anti-piracy policies stricter.

38) Twitter has become an integral element of modern culture.

39) Media bias should be outlawed.

40) Social media is quicker at spreading the news than official channels.

41) Censorship should protect kids from inappropriate content.

42) Corporal punishment in schools should be banned.

43) Schools need more anti-bullying programs.

44) Home schooling deprives kids of important social experiences.

45) Religion shouldn‟t be included in school curriculum.

46) Video camera surveillance in schools violates students‟ rights.

47) Fund raising in schools should be banned.

48) Corporate presence in schools can contribute to school budget.

49) Some of the plagiarism policies are close to nonsense.

50) Teachers shouldn‟t encourage school snitches (those who report classmates for a certain reward).

51) Schools should place more emphasis on sports instead of academics.

52) Bermuda triangle is nothing more than a triangle on the map.

53) There is more than one Big Foot on earth.

54) Paranormal phenomena are usually observed by those who believe in them.

55) Loch Ness Monster is the late offspring of dinosaurs.

56) The existence of ghosts is justified by existence of a soul separate from the body.

57) There‟s no single persuasive proof for existence of UFO‟s.

58) Internet trolls are real-life energy vampires.

59) The color of the aura affects person‟s mood and well-being.

60) Mind to mind communication is possible.

61) Telekinesis can be the next step of society‟s development.

62) Same sex marriages would allow spouses make medical decisions.

63) Procreation isn‟t the only reason for creating a family.

64) The term „gay marriage‟ is discriminative and it should be banned.

65) Gay marriage shouldn‟t be politicized.

66) Tax benefits and insurance are the reasons for same-sex marriage.

67) Same sex marriage debate is obsolete because the institution of marriage is becoming outdated.

68) Traditional family roles are nothing compared to love and care, which kids can get in a gay family.

69) Modern society isn‟t ready for legalization of same sex marriage.

70) Teaching community tolerance is more important than legalization of same sex marriage.

71) Same sex couples have lower divorce rates compared to heterosexual couples.

72) The risks of a car accident are much higher than an airplane crash.

73) Airline pilots should be armed.

74) Horizontally challenged people shouldn‟t pay for 2 seats.

75) Parents don‟t have to pay more for their babies‟ tickets, regardless of additional safety and comfort concerns.

76) Airlines should pay for their carbon emissions.

77) Airlines should restrict the alcoholic drinks for the international flights.

78) Flight attendants‟ forced retirement at the age of 35 is discriminative.

79) The gender-specific job title „stewardess‟ should be replaced with the word „flight attendant‟.

80) Using airlines is as safe for infants as it is for adults.

81) Airlines should hire more female pilots.

82) Performance enhancing drugs should be banned and eliminated.

83) Birth control pills should be more accessible.

84) Marijuana shouldn‟t be legalized.

85) America‟s war on drugs was a failure.

86) The legalization of drugs will result in addiction epidemic.

87) The drug control policies saved lives of thousands of people.

88) The use of antidepressants should be restricted.

89) Patients don‟t need special prescription from a doctor for obtaining analgesics.

90) The use of advertising in the pharmaceutical industry is unethical.

91) Neuroleptics should be banned because of the unpredictable side effects.

92) The movie Lord of the Rings Trilogy is better than Tolkien‟s novel.

93) The visual effects make Cameron‟s Avatar a masterpiece.

94) The Twilight Saga has important philosophical messages.

95) The best movie directors, like Stanley Kubrick, never receive the Oscar nominations they deserve.

96) Books shouldn‟t be judged by their movies.

97) Trailers are actually spoilers due to which we have wrong expectations from movies.

98) There should be a limited number of remakes for a single movie.

99) Movie soundtrack can be more popular than the movies: Adele‟s Skyfall vs. James Bond movie of the same name.

100) People with high self-esteem have better chances for success.

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