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Engineering Topics for Presentation

Published on Aug 23, 2021

Top Engineering Topics for Presentation

1) Which is biggest threat – Corruption or Policy paralysis?

2) AmrishPuri would have been a good president?

3) Calm, diligent to work, grey hair wisdom.

4) China is a threat to India.

5) Going up the down ladder.

6) Marriage an institution for older lot.

7) Rules are meant to be broken.

8) Osama was a good man.

9) Rahul Gandhi should be the next PM.

10) Is India a threat to China and vice-versa.

11) Munna Bhai vs. Rang de Basanti.

12) Should India remove its army from Kashmir?

13) Rules are meant to be broken.

14) Success depend on the stars.

15) Is God male or female?

16) A man can be happy with any woman as long as he doesn’t love her.

17) Money is required to earn more money.

18) Brown is a beautiful colour.

19) Black dot on white screen.

20) Competition and growth.

21) Chair vs. power of money.

22) Live in relationship.

23) Corruption, inflation and Indian Economy.

24) Who can be the next captain of Indian Cricket team?

25) Who should be the next PM of India?

26) Real estate in India have potential or group notion?

27) Sex before marriage.

28) Should Alcohol be banned in Delhi like Gujarat?

29) How FDI in retail is going to help the supply chain and logistics in India?

30) FDI in retail will it add to economic growth?

31) FDI in multi brand retail.

32) Will FDI in retail help the Indian Economy?

33) Will brand AAP impact BJP/Congress?

34) Will brand AAP have a greater negative impact on Congress or on BJP?

35) How to encourage sports among youth in India.

36) Live in relationship vs. marriage.

37) Who is the King Khan among the three Khans?

38) Impact of cinema on Indian society.

39) Priyanka Chopra vs. DeepikaPadukone.

40) Impact of social media on youth.

41) Is Alternative politics good for Economy?

42) What else would the Indian Economy be?

43) Long term measures to anchor rupee.

44) Should Arvind Kejriwal or NarendraModi be the PM?

45) Which is biggest threat – Corruption or Policy paralysis?

46) Corruption is the main outcome of democracy in India.

47) General Elections 2014.

48) Women empowerment will lead to social development.

49) Censorship of content on Internet.

50) In India, is cricket killing other sports or not?

51) Principles of Mahatma Gandhi, are they valid or not?

52) Google vs. Apps.

53) AAP vs. BJP.

54) Facebook will it remain in future or not?

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