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Interesting Speech Topics for College Students

Published on May 18, 2021

Top Interesting Speech Topics for College Students

1) Eating Veal

2) Helmet Laws

3) Gay Marriage

4) Nuclear Power

5) Are UFOs Real?

6) Airport Security

7) Smoking in Public

8) Bar Closing hours

9) Real Alien Sightings

10) Oil Drilling in Alaska

11) Reservation Casinos

12) Legalizing Marijuana

13) Legalizing Prostitution

14) Cosmetic Surgery Risks

15) Cross Culture Adoption

16) Why Do Men Have Affairs?

17) Why Is Reading Important?

18) Homelessness in America

19) Lowering the Drinking Age

20) General Education Classes

21) Online Dating is Risky or Safe

22) Speaking English in America

23) Having Pets Spayed/Neutered

24) Are Video Games Good for You?

25) Movie Ratings are Not Accurate

26) How Often Can You Donate Blood

27) College Class Attendance-Taking

28) Television Violence and Children

29) Control Your Life...the Yoga Way

30) Banning Smoking in Public Places

31) Ghosts are People Without Bodies

32) Public Funding of Sports Stadiums

33) How Much is Too Much Homework?

34) Help the Environment by Recycling

35) How to Set Goals and Achieve Them?

36) Dealing With Adolescent Depression

37) Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

38) Age Discrimination in the Workplace

39) The Power of Colors and Their Meanings

40) Nostradamus Predictions That Came True

41) Sports Teams Nafter Ethnic Groups

42) What Not to Wear Tips for Men and Women

43) Advantages of the Traditional Nuclear Family

44) Parental Pressure on Child Actors and Athletes

45) State Vehicle Inspection Mandatory Sentencing

46) Stress

47) Feminism

48) Euthenasia

49) Foster Care

50) Yoga Poses

51) Ocean Biomes

52) Foreign Policy

53) Ethnic Violence

54) Family Violence

55) Bioethical Issues

56) Fat Tax on Food

57) All About Tsunamis

58) Extinct Animals List

59) Flower Arrangement

60) Endangered Oceans

61) Endangered Species

62) Learning Martial Arts

63) Why the Titanic sank?

64) Black Holes in Space

65) How Do Clouds Form?

66) How to Prevent Stress

67) Human Cloning Benefits

68) What Makes a Rainbow

69) How to Handle a Bully

70) Peer Pressure Situations

71) Foreign Oil Dependence

72) Single Parenting Effects

73) Disaster Preparedness Kit

74) How to Swing A Golfclub

75) Internet Banking Security

76) Top Careers for the Future

77) Creative Photography Ideas

78) Tips for Time Management

79) Causes of Teenage Suicide

80) Peer Pressure in Teenagers

81) Safe Online Shopping Tips

82) Interesting Computer Facts

83) Top Social Networking Sites

84) Indoor Vegetable Gardening

85) How to be Happy Being Single

86) Adolescent Behavior Problems

87) Safety Tips for New Years Eve

88) How to Handle Difficult People

89) The Race for the White House

90) Professional baseball stadiums

91) Healthy Ways to Preserve Food

92) Seven Wonders of the World

93) Pros and Cons of Dual Citizenship

94) Reasons Why People Should Vote

95) Why is Internet Safety Important?

96) Importance of Computer Education

97) Getting a Passport for the First Time

98) Ozone Layer and Global Warming

99) The Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags

100) What is an Out Of Body Experience?

101) Do it Yourself Home Improvements

102) Subliminal Messages and Persuasion

103) Making Money Online for Beginners

104) Online Educational Computer Games

105) Why Conserving Energy is Important

106) Nanotechnology: Practical Applications

107) Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

108) Description of Life in Another Country

109) History of A Type of Music, or A Musician

110) Charles Darwin: The Theory of Evolution

111) Teach American Sign Language Alphabet

112) Historical Events That Occurred on Your Speech Day

Topics on Nursing

1. Placebo treatments should be used in medicine.

2. Nurses shouldn‟t be allowed to end lives of suffering patients.

3. Governments should encourage more men to become nurses.

4. Spouses shouldn‟t have the right to remove the feeding tubes (Terry Shiavo case).

5. More funding should be devoted to the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis C.

6. Elderly people should be allowed to have cardiac surgeries if they want to after they are informed on the potential risks.

7. Religion vs. medicine: Jehovah‟s Witnesses can‟t be induced to undergo treatment.

8. Vacuuming is critical for eliminating asthma triggers.

9. Proper pain management should be made available to everyone.

10. Understaffed hospitals can‟t be blamed for the lower quality of care.

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