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Inspirational Topics for Speech

Published on Sep 26, 2021

Top Inspirational Topics for Speech

1) Tips for Quick Weight Loss

2) Living in the Present

3) Life of Mother Teresa

4) Important People in History

5) Quotes by Famous People

6) Personal Development

7) Having the Right Ethics

8) Treat People the Way You Want To Be Treated

9) Sensational Selling Secrets

10) What Winners do to Win

11) Obesity: A Human Killer

12) Money Making Ideas

13) Self-Motivation

14) Life of Mahatma Gandhi

15) Albert Einstein's Contributions to the Scientific World

16) Health is Wealth

17) Believing in Yourself

18) You Get What You Have Given

More topics

22) Political

23) Creative thinking

24) Vote for me

25) Why there should be a United States of Europe

26) An easy way to give up smoking

27) Why prostitution should be legalized

28) The dangers of taking illegal steroids

29) How we can get more people to vote?

30) Why the death penalty should be abolished in the United States

31) Why we should not consume genetically modified crops?

32) Should religious clothes be banned in schools?

33) The war in Iraq - was it justified?

34) Famous lives

35) The greatest American./ Briton/ French Person/ Scientist/ Discoverer/ Adventurer of all time

36) Scott of the Antarctic - hero or failure?

37) How to pay off your credit card

38) Avoiding drinking or drunk driving

39) Why we should abolish school uniform

40) Global Warming - What we can do about it

41) Students should be required to wear school uniforms.

42) Schools should shift from a nine month school year to year-round schooling.

43) It should be mandatory that no teacher assign homework over the weekend.

44) Video cameras should be put into all classrooms to record student and teacher interactions at all times.

45) School should begin later in the morning and end later in the day.

46) Foreign Language should not be mandatory.

47) Armed police guards and metal detectors should be installed in every school.

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