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Kids Essay Topics| Best Essay Topics 2016

Published on Sep 26, 2021

Top Kids Essay Topics| Best Essay Topics 2016

1) Stress

2) Feminism

3) Euthenasia

4) Foster Care

5) Yoga Poses

6) Ocean Biomes

7) Foreign Policy

8) Ethnic Violence

9) Family Violence

10) Bioethical Issues

11) Fat Tax on Food

12) All About Tsunamis

13) Extinct Animals List

14) Flower Arrangement

15) Endangered Oceans

16) Endangered Species

17) Learning Martial Arts

18) Why the Titanic sank?

19) Black Holes in Space

20) How Do Clouds Form?

21) How to Prevent Stress

22) Human Cloning Benefits

23) What Makes a Rainbow

24) How to Handle a Bully

25) Peer Pressure Situations

26) Foreign Oil Dependence

27) Single Parenting Effects

More Topics

1. Customers critique is the best way to improvement.

2. Inclusive corporate culture increases employees‟ motivation.

3. Dress code is unnecessary for office employees.

4. Diagonal communication is critical for company‟s performance.

5. Argumentative essay topics: College Life

6. Argumentative essay topics: Business Communication

7. Outsourcing IT departments is ineffective.

8. Innovations should be used carefully.

9. Small towns with local businesses shouldn‟t let big corporations (IKEA) in.

10. Governments shouldn‟t give bailouts to bankrupt businesses.

11. All businesses should have pages on social networks.

12. MBA degree doesn‟t guarantee business success.

13. All businesses should go green.

14. SOPA and PIPA can‟t stop online piracy.

15. Poor leadership is the main cause of business bankruptcy.

16. Energy drinks are a promising business niche.

17. China is a new economic superpower.

18. English should remain an international language for business.

19. Outsourcing call centers to India cuts costs but reduces the quality of services.

20. The European debt crisis can affect US small businesses.

21. All countries should use the same currency.

22. The European crisis shows that globalization is a bad idea.

23. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) shouldn‟t give loans to economically challenged countries.

24. The Poverty Reduction and Growth program from IMF and World Bank is ineffective.

25. The immediate debt cancellation for the poorest countries is unjust.

26. Greece won‟t leave the eurozone.

27. Argumentative essay topics on Business

28. Argumentative essay topics on International Economy

29. HR mangers shouldn‟t use lie detectors at job interviews.

30. Applicants shouldn‟t be judged by their social network profiles.

31. Companies shouldn‟t block social networks in the offices.

32. Regular official training is necessary for all industries.

33. Non-monetary motivation can be effective for employee retention.

34. Staff turnover is bad for the company‟s revenues.

35. Entry-level employees bring young energy to companies.

36. Law should protect trade secrets.

37. Delegating responsibilities is the key to effective management.

38. Steve Jobs‟ genius is the top reason of Apple‟s success.

39. Social media is a cheap but effective advertizing channel.

40. Subliminal messages in advertizing aren‟t effective anymore.

41. Customer‟s feedback is the key to improvement.

42. Humor is the only way for ads to reach spectators‟ hearts.

43. Brand loyalty can‟t compete with special offers and sales.

44. Push marketing strategy is obsolete.

45. Direct sales letters are always perceived as spam.

46. Old price/new price tricks will always be effective.

47. Positive branding is central to business success.

48. Companies shouldn‟t send annoying happy birthday messages to their clients.

49. Complimenting colleague‟s looks is language sexism.

50. Telling jokes or declaring love in a foreign language is easier to multilinguals.

51. Robert Frost sends a positive message in his poem „Road Not Taken‟.

52. Shakespeare‟s works would be more enjoyable if they were shorter.

53. The main message of Romeo and Juliet is the undeniable power of love.

54. Hemingway portrays Santiago‟s relationship with his natural environment to show how his connection with the sea and its creatures saves the old man in the midst of his tragedy.

55. In his novel 1984, George Orwell reveals the idea that excessive government‟s control creates a world in which citizens are hardly alive.

56. All Quiet on the Western Front is Remark‟s fictional account of Germans‟ experience in the World War I combined with historical reports.

57. As reflected in Beowulf, women played an important role of peacemakers in Anglo-Saxon society.

58. Huxley‟s use of neologisms in Brave New World creates the atmosphere of futuristic environment.

59. Jean Valjean as the main character of Les Miserables embodies the principles of spirituality confronted by the civil laws.

60. The main idea revealed in Paulo Coelho‟s allegorical novel Alchemist is that the whole universe helps those who pursue their dreams.

61. The structure of the language affects the way in which native speakers perceive the world.

62. Jargon is caused by speakers‟ laziness, not language evolution.

63. Google‟s auto-complete function uses negative stereotypes.

64. Argumentative essay topics on Literature

65. Argumentative essay topics on Languages

66. Metaphors have the power of controlling people‟s minds.

67. Social media networks are a strong engine of change in the arena of typed conversation

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