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Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project Ideas


Buoyancy Shoe

A pair of shoes for being worn by a person so to enable the person to walk upon the surface of a bod y of water, the device consisting of e longated shoes made of floatable material, each shoe being sufficiently large so to support the weight of the wearer each shoe being provided with a fin tail so that t he shoe moves forwardly instead of slipping sideward and each shoe being provided with a downward extending fins........>>>>Read More


Radial Piston Engine

The radial engine is an internal combustion engine configuration in which the cylinders point outward from a central crankshaft like the spokes on a wheel. This configuration was very commonly used in aircraft engines before being superseded by turboshaft and turbojet engines. It is a reciprocating engine. The cylinders are connected to the crankshaft with a master-and-articulating-rod assembly.........>>>>Read More


Robotic Arm

The main idea behind the robotic arm is that it imitates the actions of a human arm or hand. It is a programmable Robotic Manipulator. This type of robot is often termed, Anthropomorphic because of the similarities between its structure and the human arm. The AT89C51 microcontroller is used as the main part of the design The AT89C51 is a low-power........>>>>Read More



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