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PhD Thesis In Mechanical Engineering


Voice Operated Fuel Injector

In our project the main blocks are micro controller unit, LCD display unit, microphone, valve circuit and voice signal processing circuit. Our project works according to voice signal from the microphone. Here we tell the required level of fuel (say 1 liter, 2 liter) to micro controller through a transducer called microphone. We already know that microphone is one of the transducer device it convert the incoming sound energy in to.......>>>>Read More


Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone

This project is mainly developed to avoid accidents due to high speed vehicles and also to enable the public to cross the road without any danger from high speed vehicles. Usually the drivers drive the vehicles at high speed without considering the public in speed limited areas too. Even though the traffic police controls them we cannot achieve full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas.......>>>>Read More


Fabrication of Coconut Tree Sprayer

Recently in agricultural field, the growth of the coconut tree is affected by harmful insects. This attacks the mainly on outer layer of coconut. In order to reduce the effect various methods are employed. But in our project spraying equipment such as spraying nozzle is used. A spray nozzle is a device that facilitates the formation of spray. When a liquid is dispersed as a stream of droplets, it is called a spray........>>>>Read More


Engine Over Heat Alarm

This project is developed for the users to display the heat of the engine and to produce over heat alarm. It mainly consists of a petrol engine and electronic parts. The petrol engine consists of a cylinder and piston arrangement, carburetor, petrol tank and induction coil. A heat sensor is connected with the engine. The sensor senses the heat and sends signal .......>>>>Read More



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