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Major Project for Mechanical


Speed Vehicle Sensing

This is an innovative project for the purpose of preventing accidents happens in the restricted roadways using communication technologies. The major objective of our project is to provide a safety system for our society. Nowadays communication is flourishing everywhere, it just spread all over the world. We could able to communicate with every nook and corner of the world. .......>>>>Read More


Solar Automatic Mobile Charging

The main idea behind this project is that the cell phones can be charged based on the coins inserted into the box and the no of coins inserted are indicated by LCD display. The power to charge the phones are obtained through solar energy. The various cell phone modules (e.g. Samsung, nokia etc) are there which can be selected by the user to deliver appropriate voltage output to the corresponding model. .......>>>>Read More


Automatic Speed Control in Speed Limit Zone

This project is mainly developed to avoid accidents due to high speed vehicles and also to enable the public to cross the road without any danger from high speed vehicles. Usually the drivers drive the vehicles at high speed without considering the public in speed limited areas too. Even though the traffic police controls them we cannot achieve full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas.......>>>>Read More



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