In this page, you can find Embedded Project List| Embedded C Projects and Embedded Project Research Thesis Paper with Circuit Diagram and Full report for Final Year ECE Students. Also Explore Embedded Systems Thesis and Free Download of Embedded Based ECE Project Topics, Ideas, Reports, Abstracts, PDF, DOC and PPT for the year 2013.

Embedded Project List| Embedded C Projects


Moving Person Detection System Using Ultrasonic Sensor

In t his project, a highly advanced ultrasonic and a 8051microcontroller are used to alert the security personals. A wireless system is used to transmit the alert signal over a wireless channel. Ultrasonic sensor is sensitive to any human movement. It detects infrared radiation coming from any alive body. 8051 microcontroller is used for main module. In activated condition, when an intruder enters the prohibited area.........>>>>Read More


Solar Based Mobile Charger

The objective of this project is to charge the cell phone with help of solar power. This project acts as instant charger. This project is used in important places such as Petrol Bunks, Bus Stand, Railway Station and Theatre and so on. Solar panel consists of number of silicon cells. When sunlight falls on these cells, it generate voltage pulse and gathered together then given to charging circuit. The different cell phones sockets are connected in the charging circuit.........>>>>Read More


Microcontroller Based Spy Robot

This project is developed for the users to control a spy robot through Computer. The user can control all the operations of the Spy robot using computer. The RF receiver(connected with the robot) receives the signal and it controls the microcontroller accordingly. The microcontroller controls the Robotic control unit. In the Robot, there is a fire sensor. The fire sensor if detects fire, it produces siren..........>>>>Read More



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