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IEEE Projects for Computer Science


Low Cost Wireless Internet

This paper describes an innovative concept using tethered Aerostats as a platform for raising wireless communication payload, which overcomes the two main limitations of high towers listed above. Tethered aerostats are an outcome of Lighter-Than-Air Technology, where static lift production mechanism is based on the Archimedes Principle [1]. An aerostat does not require any additional energy to reach to a certain height. For a given volume of envelope that contains the lighter than air gas, displaced weight of air creates a vertically upward buoyant force that leads to the lift. One or more Ballonets are provided inside the envelope to adjust the buoyancy...............>>>>> Read More


Digital System Architecture

Develop a Verilog based UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter), and demonstrate its working (as both transmitter and receiver) by interfacing it to Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal. UART is a device that has the capability to both receive and transmit serial data. UART exchanges text data in an American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) format in which each alphabetical character is encoded by 7 bits and transmitted as 8 data bits. For transmission the UART protocol wraps this 8 bit subword with a start bit in the least significant bit (LSB) and a stop bit in the most significant bit (MSB) resulting in a 10 bit word format...............>>>>> Read More


Bluetooth Project

This project concerns building an electronic museums guide, having BlueTooth as the primary network source. The primary goal was to study Bluetooth and to develop a small application showing the advantages and disadvantages of BlueTooth in a location and context-based environment like this. Another other goal was to research and test the different stacks implementations and supported Bluetooth hardware, which we had available. As a result we developed the museum application using BlueZ for Linux, as the server part and using a Nokia 3650 Series 60 cell phone with Symbian ..............>>>>> Read More


XML-enabled Wrapper Construction

The amount of useful semi-structured data on the web continues to grow at a stunning pace. Often interesting web data are not in database systems but in HTML pages, XML pages, or text les. Data in these formats is not directly usable by standard SQL-like query processing engines that support sophisticated querying and reporting beyond keyword-based retrieval. Hence, the web users or applications need a smart way of extracting data from these web sources. One of the popular approaches is to write wrappers around the sources, either manually or with software assistance, to bring the web data within the reach of more sophisticated query tools and general ..............>>>>> Read More



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